Zenphone 2 Should be in your wishlist

I get a mini heart attack when I don't find my cellphone in my pocket. Does this happen with you too?? Today I am going to talk about one of the most indispensable gadget of our lives. Yeah! you guessed it right. CELLPHONE!! ASUS Zenphone 2 from Zenphone series is my favorite phone. And now I will tell you why zenphone 2 should be on your wish list.

The first thing that we want in a phone is Good Looks! Good Looks! Good Looks! Well zenphone 2 has ergonomic arc design and irresistible good looks . It is available in fun fours colors that are Glacier Grey, Osmium Black, Glamour Red and Sheer Gold. It looks awesome in all four colors.

Secondly, Zenphone 2 has 5.5 inches screen and resolution of 1080x1920pixels which means that watching HD movies on this phone would be a mind blowing experience as films would be buttery smooth and stutter free.

The next important thing that we want in our phone is that it should have a good memory. I mean we all love trying different apps and for that we need a lot of memory. Zenphone 2 has 4GB RAM with a jaw dropping 32GB internal memory and 64GB expandable memory.

Selfies are like the best way to have good memories and to make our memories crystal clear zenphone 2 has 5 megapixel front camera and 13 megapixel rear camera.

One of the many best things of this phone is its processor. 2.3Ghz 64bit intel atom which makes web surfing easy and smooth, gives an astonishing and wonderful gaming experience, moreover fabulous multitasking which does no keeps you waiting.

Talking about some other features, it’s a dual-sim phone, supports 4G in India and works on android 5.0 operating system. It weights only 170gm and fits easy in our pockets.

Another important thing our phone should have is good battery life, Zenphone 2 has pretty decent battery life. Now comes the most important thing and that is COST. This phone is around 20,000 bucks. The question arises that is it worth giving a shot? Well according to me yes. With such amazing features I believe that this phone is worth giving a shot.


  1. My PC is Asus and I'm really satisfied. Great brand!

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