Excited and Little MORE EXCITED!!! By now you all know how much excited I always am for "THE FAB BAG". And this time I was supper excited to see what I have in JUNE bag. Presenting you da da da da.... MY JUNE FAB BAG!

Oh I like he pouch so much its soft and quality is good. It in hexagonal shape. I like color of the bag!!

This month theme is "TAKE CHARGE" I am feeling empowered already with the theme. Lets check what is my BAG!

1. VOTRE SUN Protecting Mist with SPF 25
I have had decent experience with Product from VOTRE. I have not used the fresh sun protecting mist till now but will share feedback soon.

2. Cuccio color : Fountains Of Versailles
I like the color!! Its fresh and young(Also goes with my dress today) I also like Shaking My Morocco color from the range. The best part of this nail color is you don't need double coat. One coat on the color gives full coverage.

3.Cuccio Naturalle butter milk & honey
Whatever may be the season, you have to take good care of you skin, no excuses! Summer leaves your skin dry and dull so, proper moisturization is required. The texture of Cuccio butter milk is great and moisturizes skin properly. I wish they had sent some more quantity as I am already loving this product and finished half of it.

4.Ananda Light moisturizer for Oily skin.
It's good to always have something in your bag which is handy and moisturizes your skin. This product does full justice. Recently, my friend was complaining about dry skin in this season and I just gave him this product. He is absolutely loving this product. Talking about fragrance of the product it has spices in the fragrance which is nice. I am not sure how many people love fragrance of spices as I do. Light weight in texture and gets absorbed in no time.

5.All good Scents: Rockstar
I like its fragrance. I have reviewed the same product here. The product smells great.

Tell us what did you get in your bag this month?