My Tasty Tuesday #4

Mint Punch


  1. Mint Leaves 
  2. Honey 1/2-Table Spoon
  3. Lemon juice 1 Table spoon
  4. Black Pepper 1/2-Table Spoon
  5. Chat masala 1/2-table Spoon
  6. Cumin(jeera) powder 1/2-Table Spoon
  7. Sugar 1-Cup
  8. Lemon Soda 2-Cup
  9. Ice cubes 
  10. Chilled Water

  1. Take mint leaves and lemon juice and sugar with little water and mix them in mixer.
  2. Now add honey, all the spices water and prepare the mixture.
  3. Now transfer the liquid to a pitcher and remove the residue.
  4. Now take a Glass, add the mixture and lemon soda to it.
  5. Add ice cubes and serve.

The Mint punch is rich in iron. Helps in purifying blood