Bedroom Furniture for Looks and fashion.


When we talk about home then its about a warm place which has comfort and feeling of belonging, yes this place is mine! Today, I will be talking about coziest part of a house which is, bedroom. I love my bedroom as that is the place where met my first love, my bed  and I made the sweetest memories(when I was dreaming and when I was not). Bedroom furniture includes couple of things, they should be trendy, spacious, robust and easy to handle at the same time.

Moroccan Style Bedroom
The above picture is about Moroccan style bedroom. You find patterns everywhere. You can choose the theme and mode of colors which make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Bed accented with throw pillows makes you feel at ease. If you have a huge window or balcony then this becomes a dream bedroom.

Beach House
If you are found of soothing colors then this is what you are looking for. The bedroom looks elegant and classy. Also by the side you have huge window plane where you can enjoy supper and chit chat at the same time, and the beautiful beach view outside. 

British Inspired

Above bedroom style is inspired by British culture. This reminds me of young, smart and handsome gentleman who has world to achieve. Looks classy and elegant at same time.

Light And Airy
The bedroom is for a teenager who is free bird. The bedroom is small in size so white walls adds volume to it.  It has fun pop colors as bed-sheet and pillow covers which add life to the room.

Masculine Bedroom
Look at the bed, It defines strength and passion which makes the room look masculine. With geometry of neat clean lines and blocks makes is compelling.

You can check out Durian for more designs on furniture and make your bedroom beautiful. If you like our post then #JustAClickAway and share your thoughts about bedroom fashion.


  1. These bedrooms are to die for, they all look gorgeous!

  2. Hi lovely, great post! I adore the British inspired one! have a great weekend.xx
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  3. Nice selection my dear!!! Britannic and Sea are my favorites!!! Kisses from Italy and thank you for stopping at my blog,

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  4. beautiful selection! kiss

  5. I spend most of my time in my bedroom so comfort is paramount. Great picks, all of them. Really nice post.

  6. love the light and airy one!! :D

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  7. Beautiful selection, love the light and airy bedroom!

  8. wow i love it

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  9. So cozy interiors!


  10. wow its so beautiful