Alberto Torresi leather shoes for next generation

Since, I was a kid, my father used to talk about leather shoes and his fascination for them always made me think how are they actually made? When I was invited for a leather shoe making factory visit, and I had to say yes! Alberto Torresi is a brand which talks comfort with style in leather shoes. Leather is considered as luxury and if you get this luxury at price of a premium shoe, that is all what you need.

Alberto Torresi enjoys their presence in over 600 sales points across 110 cities and more than 24 states in India which gained them the reputation amongst one of the top 10 shoe manufacturers in India and has won the "Most Innovative Brand of Year 2014-15". Mr. Ishaan Sachdeva is the man and the brain behind the success/designs of the most iconic footwear brand in India.
Ishan Sachdeva Talking about the brand

Talking more about the brand Mr Ishaan Sachdeva says:-

1.When did you decide that you are going to start your own brand?
Since the day I was born, I was groomed to take care of my Father's shoe making business. During college my fascination and interest for shoes, its variety and style, grew stronger and stronger. That was the time when my grooming and interest met each other and gave birth to the idea of "Alberto Torresi". The idea took some time to materialize.

2.Indian and Italian consumers have different taste and profiles. How do you beat the need of both markets?
We have different teams which work for different consumer. The team which works on Indian designs understands the need and taste of an Indian consumer same goes with Italian designs.

3.How do you incorporate new trends?
We have a R&D team whose responsibility is to keep themselves  updated and see how Indian consumer react or would react to the new design of shoe and its make. The team does good market research and only after certain criteria is met then we bring those designs to the market.

4.Tell us about the technology you use while making a shoe. 
We believe in delivering comfort. As, when you wear a shoe, it should look good but at the same time should be comfortable as well. We are using memory technology in the shoe which means your shoe will memorize its size and will come back to its shape after use.

5.Apart from shoes for men, do you have anything for women as well?
We have good variety of leather shoes for men. We have some collection for women as well but we are more into men shoes then women shoes.

6.What is the price range of the shoes?
Shoes start from INR 1500/- and goes up to INR 7000/-

7.What is your success mantra in life which could be inspiration to newbie?
I believe in "Never Practice Alone" and keep doing the good job. If a consumer is paying a certain amount then he expects quality. One should always "Deliver Quality".

After the discussion we went on tour to the factory and saw how Alberto Torresi  is actually made. You can check out and go through there leather collection .


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