OOTD: Desk to dinner with Clarks

"Style is a way to say who you are without saying it."

Dressing up and getting ready for office is not just wearing a good dress and steeping out. It is lot more than that. Today's look is about how to dress work smart. What if, you have couple of meetings lined up and then dinner with the client? We are here to your rescue! Before we dig deep into the look let's talk about my shoes first. "A man is known by his shoes..." this works the same for women too. So, I have my new white colored wedges from CLARKS to make a better impression. I was just going through clarks website and checking their collection and I found these wedges. Before getting the pair I was secretly praying that this pair doesn't get sold out before I get it. Do you like my pair of wedges??

Let's get back to the outfit:-- 
There are a couple of things which one should keep in mind before dressing up for office. 

1: Your dress should be perfect fitting and nicely ironed.
2: Your dress must not be revealing.
3: Skirts should either be knee length or below knee length.
4: Fabric should be good.
5: Hair should be neatly made.

And I dress with black top and white knee length skirt. In the picture I am carrying my VIAO laptop to a client meeting. The picture not only talks about the complete look but also the posture. Your posture should be smart upright. 

I have ironed straight hairs and a white strap watch to accessorize the look. Also, my sandals (which are wedges) from clarks complement the look and give me little more height.

When you are wearing a skirt always sit cris-cross as in this way you will avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

When it is dinner date or dinner with the client these shoes complement the dress.

I am in love with these wedges and feel at ease when I am wearing them. I can carry them with any dress and to any place. They are so comfortable that I can spend my complete day without feeling pain in my feet. The design has thick strap around the ankle which gives support to the leg and helps in walking carefree. I hope my cellphone cover (in the above picture) tells you my comfort with Clarks shoes.

Please tell us your views about the post in the comments below. Also if you wish to get your photo shoot done then you may check Anshul Rohilla Photography facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/thewayfarershutter. 

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  1. nice OOTD...and those shoes are looking very comfy :)

  2. I love your skirt! It looks absolutely flattering on you xx


  3. I loved ure shoes...Loved the look Babe! :)


  4. Really beautiful look and gorgeous shoes!


  5. That skirt is so pretty and I love the shots of you in those gorgeous shoes. Very wonderful for me :) You look amazing and wow dear! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  6. wow Gorgeous pair. nice clicks :)

  7. love your shoes

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  9. Beautiful shoes my dear,they go perfect with the black and white theme of your outfit!

  10. Beautiful Pictures...I now might end up going shopping too..!! Inspired :)

  11. Nice