Thermage skin tightening treatment by Bausch and Lomb

What is Ageing? I believe: young at heart and slightly older at places. Today I am here to talk about a treatment which will help keep your skin younger than your age. This treatment is known as "Thermage". Thermage in skin tightening segment Pioneered the science of non-invasive radio frequency energy for the treatment of wrinkles. Targeted at High Net Individuals (HNI’s) who are highly image consciousness. The technique and aesthetics are made available in the market by Bausch and Lomb.

About Thermage:

Thermage is the ‘NEW AGE’ celebrity treatment for anti-ageing. More than 1 Million treatment performed world-wide. This treatment is the premier non-invasive procedure to help smooth, tighten and contour the skin for a naturally younger looking appearance with no surgery, no injections and little to no downtime. About a million consumers have undergone Thermage for a younger looking skin across the world including some leading celebrities as well in the US.

Representing the gold standard in non-invasive skin tightening, Thermage introduces its new Thermage CPT™ System into India.  The new system leverages the proprietary Comfort Pulse Technology™ and greatly improve patient comfort in non-invasive skin tightening/anti-ageing treatment.    It just takes 90 minutes for a face treatment to give a younger looking skin in a single sitting while the results lasts for years. So, no hassles of visiting clinic again & again. It’s also called lunch time treatment as it has no or very little down-time.

Thermage is available at leading skin clinics only like Kaya Skin Clinic, Blush, 3 Graces, TCLC, Skin Alive, Kubbasskinclinic, RA’s aesthetics clinic, Aayna & other leading skin  clinic.

   Talking  about the Vision for Bausch & Lomb aesthetics business, Mr. Sanjay Bhutani, M.D. India & SAARC said:

Bausch & Lomb is driven by a pioneering spirit to explore new frontiers in science and technology. With diversified product portfolio and robust growth plans, Bausch & Lomb plan to offer the most innovative, effective & cutting-edge technology products  in Indian market to meet the needs of high beauty conscious Indians.

Talking a little  more about key features about thermage:

1. Effects are visible immediately and grow up-to 6 months.
2. There is no down time.
3. The treatment is so comfortable that it can be used on eyelids as well.

The treatment works to activate cryogen in our skin as with age it becomes less active. The protein helps in keeping the skin tighter and younger. Using the machine, heat is transmitted to the skin to simulate cryogen protein. It does not need any pre-procedure or post procedure precautions.


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