Slim fit shirts to define your silhouette

A man wearing a perfect fitting shirt is the man who attracts me the most and if he has a great voice then he leaves a mark by his appearance . I believe that a man who is dressed well is the man who understand hygiene. I like people who are sharply dressed and believe in making a mark by by there appearance. When you buy a shirt you get three fitting choices like classic fit, slim fit and extra slim fit. Classic fit shirt is also known as regular fit.

What does Slim fit actually mean?
Slim fit shirts are more trim at waist then regular shirts. To explain better slim fit shirt will hug your body frame closely and will not have excess clothing fabric.

When you buy a shirt it is not only about the fit but also the cloth. A slim fit shirt made out of linen fabric will make you stand out from the crowd. Linen feels soft to touch and gets softer the more it is washed. A linen shirt goes for all season, tucked in or out it looks stylish the way it is worn. 

Linen slim fit Shirts have darts at the back, two crescent shaped lines which pull the shirt closer to the body to take shape of the body. This looks absolutely flattering on a slim physic but can give any body-shape trimmed-down silhouette.

It is not about only the shirt but a trouser as well. When a well-tailored trouser is teamed up with a shirt will make you look complete.  A slim fit suit pant is lower rise that the regular ones and is not pleated.

How to style Slim fit shirt and Trouser?
A linen slim fit shirt in pastel color(say sky blue or light purple) when teamed with a white pant not only looks fashionable but also soothing to your body. This outfit is when worn on a casual Sunday or say night beach party will make you look different yet eye catching.

If you want to get dressed for a corporate meeting then a slim fit suit will make you just crack the deal.

So guys wear a Linen Shirt/Trouser and look fashionable for all year round.


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  2. I agree with you about the slim fit shirts - for men and women. Great post.

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  4. The slim fit shirt gives guys such a clean and stylish finish. I love it.

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