7 things to pick from Nautica spring-summer collection

"Salt in the air and sand in my hair. I say hello summer" I eagerly wait for summers to come as summer gives you the liberty to wear light fabric clothes without compromising on style. You spend all day on beach playing in sand and at night bonfire is what completes your day. In short, every day and night is party time. As sun will be on your head, so, why not wear something which is light and comfortable. Nautica has come up with there range of summer collection. The best part of there collection is the fabric as the fabric of any cloth is such that if you sweat and it gets wet then it will dry quickly. It is so light weight that you will feel its just another skin. Check 7 things from there summer collection which I simply LOVED!

1. The fabric of the shirt is amazing. Its absolutely light weight, soft and feels like another skin. If you sweat(I know you will because its summers) then the shirt will not keep you wet for long. It is something in which you will just slip in and feel comfortable.

2. This is something which I will definitely pick if I had to buy for my boyfriend. Robin blue color for summers when paired with t-shirt of any color will look hot!

3. As the name of the brand is Nautica it lives up to its name when talking about the collection. If I am partying on a yacht I will definitely not miss this piece.

4. The fit and fabric of this jacket is what I love it for. Pretty white color gives me feeling of being nave and pure, at the same time fashionably young.

5. Do I have to talk about this pretty skirt? I guess you know this skirt will hide the imperfections and give you slim look.

6. A watch which you can just wear and then you don't have to worry about anything else (it looks sexy).

7. Its time to move out from your comfort zone and wear them. A pretty red color pair of shoes.


  1. Nice collection, hat white jacket looks lovely :)

  2. I love the tropical print of the dress! ;)

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  4. Awesome