What is fashion? People say fashion is comfort. But for me fashion is lot more than just comfort. Fashion is trying new things, fashion is thinking out of the box, fashion is starting a new trend for others to follow. Mobile phones have given wings to people who believe in being a trend setter. People who are fashion conscious have an erg in them to look different and classy. Mobile is new fashion commodity which was invented to shorten distances between people but now mobiles are lot more than just a calling device like you can play games and DO SHOPPING! Shopping is lot more fun using a mobile application as you get huge variety of a single product type where you can team up things and find the right dress or product for you. From dresses to accessories, shoes to hair pin,television to woofers you can buy anything using a mobile application anytime and anyplace.

Bonhomie is a women wear label which caters to a vast age group ranging from 14 years to 30 years. A Bonhomie woman can be described as an urban woman who is up to date with the latest fashion trends and likes to dress up trendily yet she wants to be comfortable in her clothes. At Bonhomie the outfits are designed keeping in mind the motto - stylish, comfortable and extremely wearable. The crisp cuts, subtle embellishments and contemporary designs with a fusion of Indian and western sensibilities without any compromise on the quality of the fabric is the hallmark of this label. We welcome you to experience the "mojo" yourself ! The USP of Bonhomie is its ability to marry European fashion with Indian sensibilities with pocket friendly prices delivered right to your doorstep.

"Let your soul be pure within and I will heal outside." These days life is so busy that we don't have time for ourselves. But the body, mind and soul needs time to relax and rejuvenate, time to gain energy and start again. Today I will be talking about Kama Ayurveda, a brand which is known to bring you closer to nature. First time, I received products of Kama Ayurveda  in My FAB Bag. It was hair oil named "BRINGADI". I loved the oil and specially my hairs loved it so much that after using oil they became softer and shinier in just one application. Then I ordered two bottles of same oil, one for me and other for my aunt. I have experienced significant difference in hair-fall and find texture of my hair better than before. My hair looks moisturized and healthy. I just cant stop talking about the oil as it is simply good.

"Fashion is an instant language and your handbag talks most of it." Handbag and high heel are best friends since ages as they play an important role to make that mark. Couple of days before I was walking down the street heading towards my home and suddenly there was a girl who came behind me and said: Excuse me! I turned to her and then she just smiled and said nice bag dear, I like it! I replied Thanks! and then we both went to our different ways. I didn't know her neither she knew me, but that complement made my day. I walked to my place smiling and happy. Today' OOTD post is about my pekoe handbag which is printed.

"I love fashion! I want to be the style DIVA! I want to look my best and make heads turn around." I am sure every girl wants to be talk of the town. Some girls know right fashion and some know don't know how to go about it. So, for the ones who know and who don't know style, Lakme has joined hands with #fame and have come up with their video magazine called as "Lakme School Of Style" making Bollywood director Karan Johar as chief head. 

A man wearing a perfect fitting shirt is the man who attracts me the most and if he has a great voice then he leaves a mark by his appearance . I believe that a man who is dressed well is the man who understand hygiene. I like people who are sharply dressed and believe in making a mark by by there appearance. When you buy a shirt you get three fitting choices like classic fit, slim fit and extra slim fit. Classic fit shirt is also known as regular fit.

First thing which strikes a visitor to Delhi is a TAXI. Taxi or cabs are play a very important role when you are commuting from one place to other and if you are new to a city full of possibilities then a good cab service is all what you need. For your hassle free travel in Delhi, I have for you list of five best cab services in Delhi which assures your safe travel. Find the list of Delhi cab service below:

1.Taxi For Sure
They give you one of the best traveling experience. You can book the taxi online or via mobile application. They send you details of taxi and the driver through sms. You can book your cab from Taxi for sure by calling 011 60601010.

2.Ola Cabs
They provide cab in Delhi with half day rentals and full day rentals. You can even get luxury car at rent in Delhi like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi 6 etc. So, you can travel in style and enjoy luxury at same time. You can book your cab from Ola Cabs by calling 022 33553355.

3.Meru Cabs
Meru cabs have been ensuring safe journey since eight years. Chauffeur is trained by meru trainers about safety of passengers, safe driving habits, hygiene and how to handle an emergency. You can book your cab from Meru Cabs by calling 011 44224422.

4.Easy cabs
Booking an easy cab and commuting is easy. They have latest technology gadgets inbuilt in there cabs. Also, ensuring safe drive they train the chauffeur. They have basic things like water etc available in the cab for your comfortable journey. You can book your cab from Easy Cabs by calling 0888 222 2222

5.Mega Cabs
They not only serve in Delhi but in six different cities. They are air conditioned metered taxis for not only point to point travel in Delhi NCR but also outstation. Book your taxi online and enjoy your stay in Delhi. You can book your cab from Mega Cabs  by calling 011 41414141.

Have a safe journey with above taxi service in delhi and enjoy your stay in city which is known for its culture and tradition.
"Its always better to be late than arrive ugly" Agree?? Its not only good make up and good clothes that make you appear gorgeous but its about your hair too. Clean hairs styled properly or combed neatly adds to your personality. Today I will be talking about a shampoo I recently came across and the results after using it is something you want to know.

Happiness is: A dinner reservation at fine dining restaurant. Agree? I love to have food with family and when its good food at fine dining restaurant then it makes my day. A lot of restaurants serve good food but not all of them have good service. I have for you list of best restaurants in Pune which serve good food with good service. Check the list of list of places to eat in pune below:

What is Ageing? I believe: young at heart and slightly older at places. Today I am here to talk about a treatment which will help keep your skin younger than your age. This treatment is known as "Thermage". Thermage in skin tightening segment Pioneered the science of non-invasive radio frequency energy for the treatment of wrinkles. Targeted at High Net Individuals (HNI’s) who are highly image consciousness. The technique and aesthetics are made available in the market by Bausch and Lomb.

"Free as Flower" Every girl wants to blossom and be free as a flower. Today's outfit is about being free, fun yet elegant. It was raining in morning, here in Delhi and I had promised my friend brunch at her terrace garden. So, for the brunch I decided to wear a floral midi skirt which I got from choies.com some time back. I have styled the outfit with a purple puff full sleeves top which is body hugging. I have paired it will golden color wedges and a pretty neck-piece from choies.com. To complete the look I have teamed up with Baggit sling bag(talked about it here). 
"Salt in the air and sand in my hair. I say hello summer" I eagerly wait for summers to come as summer gives you the liberty to wear light fabric clothes without compromising on style. You spend all day on beach playing in sand and at night bonfire is what completes your day. In short, every day and night is party time. As sun will be on your head, so, why not wear something which is light and comfortable. Nautica has come up with there range of summer collection. The best part of there collection is the fabric as the fabric of any cloth is such that if you sweat and it gets wet then it will dry quickly. It is so light weight that you will feel its just another skin. Check 7 things from there summer collection which I simply LOVED!