Zenphone 5: Review and Specifications

"When someone touches my phone I automatically turn into a ninja" I guess all of you would agree to this. I was going through list of cellphones as I wanted to buy a gift it to a dear friend of mine on her birthday when I finally came across Zenphone 5. I found that budget friendly with great features so I got the phone. When you ask a technically sound person what are your requirements for a phone he would say processor, speed, specifications etc etc. I being a girl and a fashion blogger have three basic requirements related to a phone. They are:

1. CAMERA!!!
2. Battery
3. Speed and internal memory(and External memory)

I am a person who is active on facebook, twitter, instagram, Google plus, pinterest etc where I can post pictures and tweet them. So the pictures have to be good. For me camera in a cellphone is the heart of the cellphone. That is the first thing which I see while buying a smartphone. Next comes battery and speed.  

Today I will be talking about battery of zenphone 5.  Being a blogger you have to travel to places in odd hours. I have to post on social platforms and be the first one to publish the news. The fight and hunger to update every single detail or create a teaser on social platforms keeps me on my toes and in between if your battery dies then what you will do??  A cellphone should have a powerful battery so that it can withstand 3G network and does not die quickly.

Zenphone5 is an Android phone and I don't have much expectations from an android phone in terms of battery. Zenphone5 claims 18 hrs of  talk-time 3G network which sounds decent to me. If you are social media freak and have a habit of posting every time then I would suggest you to keep a power bank with you as you might need it. But if you have minimal usage then the battery lives up. I got approx 8 hours of usage without power saving modes so I guess this dual sim phone can live up to one day roughly.

Apart from battery, I like the display which is good and the design is sleek which is good to show off when with friends in parties.I had my great time using it as I like the UI and display which is usually a sore spot for android phones. I will be talking about speed, internal memory and CAMERA!!! in upcoming two post. Till then all I have to say about the phone is it is a good phone you can consider it as an option before buying a new phone.


  1. Sounds like a great product. The battery life is amazing long, wow. I have an iphone 6plus and it works great too. Maybe not as great tho, :(. Have a great weekend. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

  2. I have 2 friends with this great smartphone and they both are really happy with it

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  3. Looks like a really nice phone! Have a great weekend..

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  4. I didn't know about this, it looks like a great model! Baci,
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  5. That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!
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  7. Nice gadget!
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  8. It's really cute, I love the design! But I don't like android! :(



  9. I'm working with as Asus pc, it's great! I'd like to try the mobile phone out :)))
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  10. Great review. I am looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing buddy.

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