OMG! Actress Katrina Kaif Missing!

Beautiful and talented Bollywood actress Katrina  Kaif is missing. Katrina Kaif was last seen hanging out with friends in Bandra.  Her friends say that she left for her home in Andheri West, Mumbai. Her maid reported that she didn't returned after the party. Her driver says that the actress asked him to leave and she will drive back to her place. Her managers, close friends and family members are trying to reach out to her but are unable to connect as her cellphone is switched off.

Entire Bollywood is in state of shock as the actress is missing. She has many projects lined up and every one is worried. All her fans want to know where she has gone as there is no clue left to find her. #KatrinaMissing is going viral on twitter.Where could be Katrina?

Her managers have contacted investigating agencies and they have put there best officers in action to find the actress. Her fans are hoping for safe return of the actress and we too hope she returns safe and sound. Stay tuned as we will get you more updates till then share your thoughts with #KatrinaMissing.


  1. Wow, she seems so so great!! :D

  2. She's gorgeous! Maybe she just wanted some privacy & staying away for a while? Have a great week, babe! xoxo

  3. wow looking so nice