New Menu at Harry's: Restaurant Review

In India, we believe that if a girl wants to win her husband's heart then she should know how to cook delicious food. I believe if any boy wants to win his wife's heart then he should try cooking for her and be the "Sexy cook". So, be it men or women we love food and good food makes life easy. To make my life easier, I dropped by "Harry's restaurant". They have revamped there menu and have brought in some exciting dishes straight from the kitchen of chef Vicky Ratnani.

I have been to Harry's and have loved the food, specially the drinks and this time I had to try the new ones. The ambiance of the restaurant was great. Among drinks my favorite one was dirty harry and I have only one thing to say and that is I will make harry dirty every time I return to the restaurant. The drink is must try. 

Dirty Harry

New food menu includes Dirty Harry, Sangria Red/White, Mocktails and soft beverages. And here Dirty Harry wins for me.


In food they have ratatouille stuffed mushroom caps, Vietnamese spring rolls, Wasabi cottage cheese, potato wedges, Spicy chicken Supreme, fishermen basket etc Well they have a long long list to go. Among them my favorite was stuffed mushroom caps, Wasabi cottage cheese, Spicy chicken Supreme,Watermelon & Feta salad.
Vietnamese spring rolls
I liked jerk spiced chicken and I if you ask me why I will return to harry? I will say For Volcano Chocolate cake again and again and again. They have come up with great menu and if you guys have not checked that out then what are you waiting for?

Happy Week Ahead!
Stay Blessed!


  1. This seems delicious!! :D

  2. Wow i like this so much all this