Make your House a Home with Asian Paints

When I was a kid I asked my father: What is difference between a house and a home? He replied: fill a house with love and it becomes a home. Since then I have known how important it is to hod everyone together. A home has good memories and great stories of success and failure. People come and go but stories stay and are passed on to generations in form of lessons learnt. Along with stories stays the house. With love lets add some color, design and texture to the house to make the home complete. Today I will be talking about tools by which you can make your house fashionable. Now you ask me HOW? and I have just one answer..... ASIAN PAINTS!

Asian paints have been the best sellers when you talk about wall painting, textures and wall fashion. But now they have come up with tools, by using them you can easily pick and choose textures according to your choice and try colors. This will give you broader picture how will the texture look on your wall and what all you can try to make it look simply amazing.

I will be talking about my two favorite tools:

This tool gives you the liberty to choose from wide range of shades and textures through color chef and virtually paint walls to achieve your customized color scheme.

How to use Color Chef?
Just go to Asian paints website and hit on the color chef link. You can also check the same here. The pattern you have in your mind, you can easily visualize it on your screen in just three steps.

Choose the theme, where would you like to use it? I choose interior.

They have three options for me and I choose wall fashion. And at the right side there is add image link. The link takes me to inspiration wall.

Here I choose metallic finish for my wall. You can choose any one of your choice by clicking on the red brush. You can also explore as many as you want.

Its time to choose wall fashion and I choose circles.

Then finalize the shade. I choose the shade to be off white because my room is small so white color will help me add volume to it.

Many times what happens is we see a picture online or we like landscape while traveling to hill-station. We want to replicate the same thing on the wall, But HOW?? Snap it tool make job way too easy. This will help you get what you wished for All you need to do is just drag the picture over the snap it tool and the tool will help you find the closest shade available to colors in the picture. Isn't it amazing! You can try it here.

They have tools like paint budget calculator, project planner and many more which will make things easy for you.
All you need is to GET INSPIRED, TRY & DECIDE and finally MAKE IT HAPPEN with Asian Paints.


  1. Manasi...I love this, I am bookmarking this site as I am moving this summer and I have promised my Valentina we could pain... this would be a perfect way to choose the colors... this is awesome xox

  2. When i will be having my own house..I will definite try it :d lovely inspirations :D

  3. love this pics. amazing and stylish.

  4. wow thanks for sharing