Magnum 1.0: Masterclass with Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur

Ice- Cream! Did your mouth started watering, already? When I was small my mother use to bribe me ice-cream and now that I have grown up things are just the same. I love ice-creams and when it comes to chocolate ice-cream I just cant stop myself. Some time back I was invited to Masterclass with Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur. I am big fan of Chef Kunal Kapur since when I used to see him on television and to meet him in person was golden offer to me.

The event started with introduction to Belgian chocolate. A good quality chocolate has 35% coco in it. Then we were asked to taste three different kinds of Belgian chocolate: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. 

When I tasted milk chocolate there were three things, which I noticed:
*It was chocolaty by this I mean I can feel 35% coco in the chocolate.
*It was not sticking in my mouth instead I felt the flavor all over inside my mouth and the chocolate was gone.
*I can figure out approx concentration of milk 

When I tasted the second chocolate which was dark chocolate, I noticed two things:
*Coco content was more than that of milk chocolate
*In spite of coco content being more it was not bitter in taste. It was good.

When I tasted third one which was white chocolate , I noticed:
* It had NO coco in it so it was apparently not a chocolate
* It was very sweet and milky.

Then we were asked to enjoy magnum chocolate bar to understand Belgian chocolate with ice-cream better. Now it was time for masterclass with chef. He taught us two recipes by which we can make our magnum Belgian chocolate ice cream more interesting. 

Check Recipe of ice cream below:

Magnum Falooda
(Magnum paired with Flavored Falooda)

Magnum-2 no
Falooda-250 gms
Sabza(basil seeds)-2 tbsp
Rosewater-few Drops
Kewra water-few drops
Rabri-1/2 cups
Sugar syrup-1 tbsp
Saffron-few drops
Gold warp-1 leaf

*Soak the sabza in a cup of water for 15 min. Add saffron to rabri and keep aside
*Break the magnum on the plate. Pile one piece on top of the other. Now drizzle sugar syrup on the falooda and place the falooda on the magnum.
*Drizzle drained subza seeds on the magnum. Sprinkle rose and kewra water. Pour some rabri and garnish with gold warq,serve immediately/

Magnum on Fire
(Magnum covered in meringue and torched)

Egg Whites-30gms
Icing Sugar-60gms
Lemon juice-few drops
Magnum-1 no
silver warq-1no

*To make meringue whisk egg whites and add few drops of lemon juice. Now slowly add the icing sugar and keep whisking the eggs. Whisk till egg whites are stiff.
*Now open your favorite magnum and using a palette knife smear the meringue on to magnum bar. Make swirls with the meringue. Now using a blowtorch caramelize the meringue. Garnish with silver warq and serve immediately.

After learning how to make ice-cream more tempting, irresistible and mouth-watering I decided to make one myself. Take a look below:


Let the creative artist in you, come out and make magnum ice-cream more interesting. Well... A serious suggestion... Don't wait just bite the yummy chocolaty bar and get lost in Belgian chocolate.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Omg and i love white chocolate so much! But everything looks so yummy. The foodie in me wants it all, lol.

  2. Nice lovely thanks for sharing