Lunch at Ancient Barbeque : Restaurant Review

People say: Eat a big breakfast, average Lunch and tiny dinner. I say what about brunch? Yeah big brunch. I recently visited Ancient Barbeque with my blogger friends to have some chit chat over brunch. All of us had a great time gossiping and making stories, what made us happy  was the ambiance and staff.

Talking about the ambiance first, the restaurant has two sections one is normal restaurant other is the terrace area which I loved the most. I would love to sit outside, chit chat and enjoy food. They have light music playing around which is good yet traditional.

Talking about the food I like the starters. They have six starters for veg and non-veg. I found them delicious specially salsa potatoes, they were my favorite. The barbeques tasted good. Don't stuff your little tummy with starters as there is variety in main course which you would not like to miss out. 

I like everything in main course starting from soup to breads. The food is regular food with perfect spices and taste good for all taste buds.

Lastly comes desert which wins my heart. I am a gulab jamun lover and just cant resist having it. I know my sweet tooth is responsible for my weight gain and trust me if you also have a sweet tooth like me then you will not be able to control yourself after seeing so many deserts.

All I can say about the place is, it is great place to dine with friends and family. Also if you are planning for a corporate team lunch then also it is a good option.


  1. Hmm, what delicious food !! :)

  2. Yummm! you made me hungry girls..i soo want to taste all this.

  3. Nice post