Behind the scene with ASUS ZENPHONE5

Valentine's day seems yesterday as I can still sense love and romance in the air. When a girl falls in love with a boy then she can do anything for her boyfriend. But doing something big is not required always, small things like "A GOOD MORNING SELFIE" can make your man's day. Did you send one this morning? If not, send it now! He will love it.

I have talked about zenphone earlier here and as promised I am going to talk about the camera today. Selfie fashion has grown after "THE OSCAR SELFIE" and now everyone wants to take a selfie. To take a good selfie you need a good camera. You can take selfies from back camera and front camera, provided front camera is a good one. Usually front camera is not that amazing in cellphones and talking about zenphone 5 then I would say it delivers what they say. A pretty decent front and back camera for the price. Let me take you to tour with #MyAsusZenFone for a very buzy day.

I was invited by apparel brands and home-label brand in the morning. So, two events in the morning and then I had lunch at 3:30 PM where I had to go for food review in a restaurant. Then I had a shoot for Look post. You can check look-book here. The shoot got over at 10:30 PM in night and then it was dinner with my team. So, I was back by 12 PM in night and slept like a baby after a hectic day. I had zenphone with me all the time. When I went to check spring-summer collection of apparel brand I clicked a few pictures and I find zenphone does a good job. It works great with food pictures as well. I didn't faced any problem while moving around and with posting and sharing pictures on social platforms like facebook, twitter etc. Check images from food and home-label below:

Before the shoot I had a list of 20 items which I needed for the shoot. Also because it was our FIRST indoor shoot, we had to be careful with things. I was on conference call with my team for an hour when four of us were in the market on different stores buying things for the shoot. The best part is I didnt face any call drop issue or voice disturbance. Speaker of the phone is good as I could hear my team clearly. Then comes the shoot, pictures form the shoot you can check them here but just for you guys check BEHIND THE SCENE pictures below:

I clicked above pictures when Anshul was telling Shachi what expression she should have for a particular pose.

Overall I find the performance and the camera quality pretty decent. It looks good for the price. Also there are some inbuilt apps like, "MIRROR". During the shoot, Shachi who was the model, used this app instead of actual mirror for some touch-ups .  I will be talking about performance of the phone in my next post.

Stay Tuned!
Happy Week!


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