"I am not flirting, I am just being extra nice to someone who is more attractive , someone who wears good perfume." I find people very attractive who wear good fragrance. Flirting is an art and not many people are good at it. But a good fragrance makes this job easy. So, today I am going to talk about two fragrances from all good scents, Flirty for women and Smooth for men.

Spring season is the time when you should not skip wearing a perfume. During this weather you don't sweat so the fragrance which you would wear will stay and will make you feel fresh all the time. Also, when you walk, you can make heads turn towards you with soft fragrance flowing behind you. 

This is for girls who are naughty(Like me ;)). If you are he one who wants to flirt around and like to play the chase game then this fragrance is for you. It has softness of white roses and lilies with lingering fragrance of black current. It is persuasive , playful and seductive. It has lilly, bergamount and blackcurrant in top note which stays for around half an hour. In the heart note it has orange blossoms and roses which are girly and fresh. And the base note which stays for the day has Vanilla and iris. I love to wear this fragrance to my office. This is a good option to gift on birthdays or may be Women's Day.

Men prefer fragrances which are fresh and has some strong refreshing flavor. Smooth from this range is different but has an overpowering fragrance. Smooth is for that Alpha men who love timeless woody spicy fragrance. It has thyme and lemon in the top note which is first choice of all men. In middle note it has cloves, nutmeg and Ozone. In the base note it has white musk and sandalwood which stays for the day. 

I like smooth as it is little different from regular fragrances and if my man would wear it in summer I would simply love it! And I would definitely wear flirty that day to be extra nice to him and may be we could make a good story in summer. You can buy this fragrances here.

Stay Atarctive!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Like the flirty and Chic by AGS .. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing