Great advantage of a hotel is that its a refuge from home life. So if you are planning a refuge to Delhi and looking for hotels near Delhi railway station then I have a list of hotels in central Delhi for you. You can check list below:

Every girl is her father's little angle and when the little angle gets married she needs her besties to make her look prettiest in the world. As promised, we are back with another bridesmaid look for coming bridal season. There are few girls who just want to slip in there clothes and feel just ready for the occasion. Dressing too much is not there cup of tea. Today, we are here with anarkali look for too busy bridesmaid. 

People say: Eat a big breakfast, average Lunch and tiny dinner. I say what about brunch? Yeah big brunch. I recently visited Ancient Barbeque with my blogger friends to have some chit chat over brunch. All of us had a great time gossiping and making stories, what made us happy  was the ambiance and staff.
Games gives you the freedom that you can go anywhere and still not loose the track. I love playing video games. I am a game freak. Even today I feel like doing nothing on a lazy Sunday and play game. On my way to office, it takes me around one hour and I play game while traveling in bus. 

When I received my March Fab bag in my mail I was excited to open it. First look was coco channel quote on the bag which was impressive. I like the quality of their bags and also every month they give a new look to there bag keeps me excited always. This month Fab bag is with Theme #MakeupForDifference and the bag lives up to the theme.

Le Méridien : The name talks about the amazing services and carefree and comfortable stay when you take refuge from your home. Le Meridian, Delhi is brand of its own and they have opened in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, following re-branding of an existing hotel. Le meridian aims to open 8 hotels this year in Asia Pacific.

Beautiful and talented Bollywood actress Katrina  Kaif is missing. Katrina Kaif was last seen hanging out with friends in Bandra.  Her friends say that she left for her home in Andheri West, Mumbai. Her maid reported that she didn't returned after the party. Her driver says that the actress asked him to leave and she will drive back to her place. Her managers, close friends and family members are trying to reach out to her but are unable to connect as her cellphone is switched off.

Hello Beauties, 

L'Oreal Paris has recently launched range of skin perfect cream for different age groups. You can check complete range here.  Its been some time that I have been using the product for age 20+ and today I will be sharing my thoughts on the same. Talking about L'Oreal Paris as a brand I like there product and now as they have come up with skin perfect range, I was excited to try it. 

Luxury is The Lust for comfort. When it comes to food, I feel, good food is like any other luxury. You have no right to it unless you can afford it. If you are looking for good food and comfort then I have for you list of 5 premium restaurants in Delhi where you can have good food with luxury. Check the list of luxury restaurants in Delhi below:

When I was a kid I asked my father: What is difference between a house and a home? He replied: fill a house with love and it becomes a home. Since then I have known how important it is to hod everyone together. A home has good memories and great stories of success and failure. People come and go but stories stay and are passed on to generations in form of lessons learnt. Along with stories stays the house. With love lets add some color, design and texture to the house to make the home complete. Today I will be talking about tools by which you can make your house fashionable. Now you ask me HOW? and I have just one answer..... ASIAN PAINTS!

Valentine's day seems yesterday as I can still sense love and romance in the air. When a girl falls in love with a boy then she can do anything for her boyfriend. But doing something big is not required always, small things like "A GOOD MORNING SELFIE" can make your man's day. Did you send one this morning? If not, send it now! He will love it.

Ice- Cream! Did your mouth started watering, already? When I was small my mother use to bribe me ice-cream and now that I have grown up things are just the same. I love ice-creams and when it comes to chocolate ice-cream I just cant stop myself. Some time back I was invited to Masterclass with Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur. I am big fan of Chef Kunal Kapur since when I used to see him on television and to meet him in person was golden offer to me.
Denim is cool, denim is My first love , denim is style ,denim is fashion. 
Denim is one cloth which provides comfort and style at the same time. You want to beat the heat of summers in style so denim will help you do that with ease. This summer 70s denim fashion will be back in stores. I have for you today denim trends for the coming summer and also from where you can buy them at pocket friendly prices. Take a look below:

"To make right choice in the world you need to get in touch with your soul." And to get in touch with your soul you need to relax and rejuvenate. Nothing, better than spa in this world can make you rejuvenate and bring you closer to your inner self. Today I will be talking about The Heavenly Spa which is part of The Westin Gurgaon.

"When someone touches my phone I automatically turn into a ninja" I guess all of you would agree to this. I was going through list of cellphones as I wanted to buy a gift it to a dear friend of mine on her birthday when I finally came across Zenphone 5. I found that budget friendly with great features so I got the phone. When you ask a technically sound person what are your requirements for a phone he would say processor, speed, specifications etc etc. I being a girl and a fashion blogger have three basic requirements related to a phone. They are:
"I am not flirting, I am just being extra nice to someone who is more attractive , someone who wears good perfume." I find people very attractive who wear good fragrance. Flirting is an art and not many people are good at it. But a good fragrance makes this job easy. So, today I am going to talk about two fragrances from all good scents, Flirty for women and Smooth for men.

Spring season is the time when you should not skip wearing a perfume. During this weather you don't sweat so the fragrance which you would wear will stay and will make you feel fresh all the time. Also, when you walk, you can make heads turn towards you with soft fragrance flowing behind you. 
"Every Summer has its own story." Summers are special as you get to show off your curves and be the next talk of town. But summers are HOT! So, to make you feel cool and comfortable in summers I have for you list of 5 leading brands for men's t-shirt which you can simply slip in and make your memorable story this summer.

"Will you be my BRIDESMAID ?" There can be many creative ways to ask this question and when you say YES! You give the best gift to the Bride on her "BIG DAY". Getting married is like taking a new birth, starting a new life full of responsibilities. So, a bridesmaid task is even more difficult as she has to make the bride not only beautiful but also comfortable. And at the same time she has to look her best as eyes of all the guest will be on the bride and her, who knows, she might be the next one.

In India, we believe that if a girl wants to win her husband's heart then she should know how to cook delicious food. I believe if any boy wants to win his wife's heart then he should try cooking for her and be the "Sexy cook". So, be it men or women we love food and good food makes life easy. To make my life easier, I dropped by "Harry's restaurant". They have revamped there menu and have brought in some exciting dishes straight from the kitchen of chef Vicky Ratnani.