PHIVE RIVERS: Leather Handbag Brand

What is Luxury for you? For me LUXURY is to wear my invisible crown with a leather bag and Steve Madden heels. Today I am going to talk about an Italian brand "Phive Rivers". The band offers style with different texture and design which imbibe international appeal. Brand  believes to bring in luxurious fashion accessories to the elite fashionistas and complement there style quotient.

Phive Rivers' USP lies in picking up the fashion trends and moods from runaways and trend shows across the world and putting the latest and best in stores. The brand expertise lies in designing and manufacturing timeless, unique, impeccable and beautifully handcrafted leather bags guaranteed to elicit warm application.

The designer Valentino Buffoni who is the face behind some of great designs of leather bags from the brand believes inner soul must enliven every object. His designs are ductile and diversified, plain and simple shapes combined with modern and assertive forms to create luxurious handcrafted leather accessories.

The brand is available on leading online shopping portals and doing great business. Mohit Gill, Marketing Head, says, for the first time ever globally has any brand effectively advertised women handbags with men under the carefully crafted theme of MAN-CRAFTED luxury bags. He says, brand takes after sales services and feedback from customers seriously.

What I like about bags is great quality and finish. A piece which will give you feel of luxury and class. They keep there collection updated with latest fashion trends not only for women but for men as well. The best part is there availability online where you can go through there wide range of collection. You can also order a specific bag, even if the bag is not available in stock then they will get it handcrafted for you and delivered in 5-6 days at your door step. I am simply loving there collection and there services. You can go through there collection and buy bags here. Priced from INR4500/- to INR15000/-


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  20. I bought one but I didn't like it. I've used Hidesign for the past 15 years and this is the first time I tried another brand. First of all, it was very HEAVY. Really heavy. Next it did not have that nice smell I associate with leather. Now after internet research, I realize that this is because Phive Rivers uses chrome leather which is easily mass produced and is in general inferior to vegetable tanned leathers where handbags and accessories are concerned, though they can be colored brightly. It truly has a synthetic look to it. Well, to each their own... but I will definitely not be buying. In fact, I am thoroughly regretting removing the tags otherwise could have returned it, did not even feel like using it once.