The Pop Up: Restaurant Review

I LOVE FOOD! I LOVE FOOD! I LOVE FOOD! I LOVE FOOD! and this I can go on saying infinite times. When I am happy I LOVE  FOOD! When I am sad FOOD MAKES ME LOVE FOOD SO MUCH MORE!! I know I am crazy for food and this crazy craving took me to THE POP UP restaurant. The restaurant has recently open up in Asiad village. Because I am new to the city- Delhi so don't know much about asiad village's history to talk about but yes it has been in news always( for all good reasons...that is what I have heard people talking...shhh.... :P) So I met few of my dearest friends with whom I enjoy having all kinds of meals at this newly opened restaurant named "THE POP-UP".

The name is fun as it sounds like a place where you can just drop in anytime with friends. When you just don't understand where to go for a coffee or snacks with friends or for meals, then don't think much its just "the pop-up". I love the name and then when I reached the place I was even more excited. It is a cool place. Talking about the ambiance is very fresh and young. Even if you go in afternoon and decide to sit inside the restaurant rather that sitting outside under the fresh air, you will feel comfortable. The light and decor of the restaurant will keep you at ease. Trust me on this because I have been there for approx FIVE hours and even then we had loads of stuffs to talk about(see so much ease we were at :P). Check out the pictures below:

Let talk about what love most in this world..... yes you guessed it right!! FOOD! The food was....simply....amazing. I had promised myself that will not eat much cause I am gaining weight but seriously I just cant stop myself from having many bites of everything. Every single dish which they have in there menu has perfect blend of spices and flavors. You see a dish and then you smell it, it goes through your veins and rises to your brain and you just cant hold yourself from having a bite...not even a second. I had lot many things from there menu and find it so hard to pick my favorite :P But yes I loved burgers the most. Starting from salad to main course, juices to alcohol everything is a pick. The menu card talks about all the dishes to be so unique and delicious, crossing all boundaries of traditional way of cooking and experimenting with flavors. Take a look at the pictures below and allow the saliva to flow in your mouth by seeing them.

Kasundi and Dijon baked button mushrooms on a crispy croute

Slow braised Chilean pork belly with root mash, sautéed greens and a reduced ginger soy sauce

Grilled tenderloin tournados with potatoes, green beans, cherry tomatoes, with a sesame wasabi cream

6 hours slow braised lamb shoulder, baked onions, wintergreens with an olive lamb reduction

Bacon, cheese and mushroom Doh’nut burger, topped with crisped shards of bacon

All good but a sad part.... The Pop up is going to stay in town for just two months more and if the idea works then it will stay and grow in terms of adding flavors to the food and the ambiance. That is the basic idea of this restaurant. While having words with Jatin he looks forward to taking it different cities and the menu will be based on the taste and flavor of city.

Grilled homemade brownie, served with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream

Gluten free chocolate jar with ginger cream and caramelized pineapple

In the end all I have to say is guys go hangout with your friends and family to a place which is so innovative not only in terms of food but also in ambiance. So friends drop in "THE POP-UP" and make one of your great memories of chit chatting there. We hope that pop stays and we(you and I) can do more of gossips there.



  1. Wow! I need to go to that place haha :)

  2. beautiful!
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  3. This restaurant is very chic!
    Love these dishes

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  5. Everything looks amazing ! Especially the food! hehehe

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  6. This restaurant looks perfect Manasi, too bad I live so far away!!!
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  7. Looks like amazing place! Thanks for sharing!

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