The Fab Bag: January 2015 Review

Hello fab ladies,

I am sure you must be looking as great and fabulous as ever. Today I am here to share with you what I received in my mail yesterday. Its FAB BAG!! I wait for the bag complete month and think which color lipstick I might get in the bag or which skin product is going to pamper my skin this month. This time Fab bag has the theme "The BEAUTY UNMASKED". Fab bag is a bag which promises to give you surprises in your bag in form of three deluxe sized samples from brands around the world. You can try them and then you can decide you want to buy that brand or not.

So lets unmask the beauty hiding in my bag. Her we go!

I have received four products in my bag, among which two are full sized products and other two are sample sized.
1. LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil- Palate Cleanser(FULL SIZE)
2.Bioderma Sensible H2O Makeup Removing Micelle Solution(sample)
3.Splurge Daily Moisturizer with Sun Protection(Sample)
4. Seasoul Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask(FULL SIZE)


an eye Mask.....Oh! I just love eye masks, probably that is reason why the logo of our website is an eye mask.

Lets talk about the products:

LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil- Palate Cleanser
I had already five different colors of LAQA and this is the sixth one. I love the texture of the lip shade as it just glides like butter. I like the color too. It cost INR800 for 3gms.

Bioderma Sensible H2O Makeup Removing Micelle Solution
I found the product quite effective as last night I when I came back from a party I used it and found it good. I will share with you details of the product soon. It cost INR860/-/- for 250ml.

Splurge Daily Moisturizer with Sun Protection(Sample)
I simply love the fragrance it is so feminine and fresh. The moisturizer works to make skin soft and performance is good. It cost INR420/- for 100ml.

Seasoul Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask
I am very exited to try this as the ingredient list sounds fun. It is paraben and sulfates free and I am happy about that.It costs INR995/- for 50 ml.

I am happy with my fab bag. I love the cute pink color mask and pink bag. Two full sized products in a bag worth 599 is a steal! Let me know in the comments below what you feel about the bag.

Happy Weekend!
Stay Beautiful!


  1. Fabulous treats you got inside the bag.

  2. I love the bag. It's pink so thats a score for me right there lol. Enjoy it.

  3. Great products and that bag is really cute!
    Melanie @

  4. Guau fabuloso!!! Me ha encantado!!

    Hoy en mi blog sorteo para de 10 entradas para la MBMFW!!!

  5. beautiful bag! kiss

  6. Bag seems superb, loved the products :)

  7. Thanks for sharing.