Khud ko Kar Buland: Birla Sun Life Insurance

"LIFE" The word itself talks about endless things we wanted to do, could have been done and regrets of not doing them. As we grow from being a child to an adult, we experience things and learn to be strong. Sometimes being strong is the only choice we have. Today I am here to talk about one of the most sensitive topic which we as youngsters feel that the time has not come yet, but the time had come long back. Today I will be talking about life insurance.

Couple of days before while surfing the internet I came across a video which was very touching. The video is about story of a man who is a single parent. His small boy is a special child who needs attention, love and care more than a normal child. One fine day the father decides to send his boy to a good school for a course which is very expensive. The other day father finds that he is jobless because the company he was working with shuts down. And that day he decides to put his business and take risk in life.

The story being very sensitive on one hand and on the other hand has a strong message. It talks out that you should always be strong and make your near and dear one feel stronger. The strength comes when you have a life insurance which will take care of your near and dear ones with life and after life.Insurance is a way in which you better plan your life and follow your dreams.

I personally feel that one should always stay strong. Today is the right day and right time to take that opportunity which you are not confident about but yes, you know you can do it. Follow your dreams and fly fearlessly. Enjoy every little bit that you never ever regret of missing out on anything.

Do watch the video it is really heart touching. Use #KhudKoKarBuland and join us to spread the message.



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