Handloom collection by Gautam Gupta

Saree is one of those dresses which exposes the right amount and hides the right amount. Saree also marks our identity as an Indian around the world. Every girl born and brought up in India wants to wear that 6 yards of sheer elegance, and when that elegance is hand woven then it is absolute luxury. In handloom culture every thread in a single piece of outfit is taken care off. One single piece of saree takes approx three months to get ready for use. It is not only time consuming but also involves hard work and dedication. Today I am going to take you to amazing handloom collection by designer Gautam Gupta where in every piece he has put in dedication with exact amount of elegance.

When we talk about weddings it has always been the most sensitive issue as one bridal outfit is going to carry lots and lots of memories of not only the bride and groom but also there friends, relatives and the words will flow to coming generations and generations. In India girls love wearing the bridal dress of there mother as they believe that there marriage would be as successful as of their mother. The designer have been very sensitive in designing bridal lehengas and have added contemporary touch to it. He has mixed the golden art with the charm of beautiful color and motifs which will enhance the beauty of the bride.

The dresses come from the hands of the local artisans from Banaras who have been doing this since ages. When I talk about the sarees from the collection, it has that unique flavor as they have figures in the saree. You might not have come across handloom sarees which are so delicately designed and refined with figures. The designer says when it comes to figures it becomes difficult to convince the local artisans as they don't like figures instead they feel that flowers, petals and leaves would look better. So to make a piece of cloth turn into grace and sophistication becomes a big deal. Talking more about the collection, it is made out of pure handloom tussar, banarasi silk and jute net and is embellished with unique parsi gara, zardozi and kalamkari. Giving edge to the collection is use of bright and vibrant colors.

The launch created a buzz with number of celebrities Dr. Shayama Chona & General W.S Chona, Neelam Pratap Rudy, Mrs. Raka Singh, wife of Belgium ambassador and Ramola Bachchan who played perfect muse for the designer. Check few pictures below:

You can shop the collection at:
M-8, Main Road,
GK – I, New Delhi


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