YES!! I accept the dare!! #TheRedDare

Recently, while going for regular oral check-up to a dentist, I read a quote on the wall of dental clinic. The quote said: "Life is short, smile while you still have teeth". It not only sounds true but is also very scary. Specially before entering the clinic is even scarier. Unlike our elders we have unhealthy food habits which lead to cavities, foul smell etc. So, oral hygiene is very important. By the way, you don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep ;P.

After my visit to the dentist, I came to know about #TheRedDare an ongoing campaign by Dabur to promote oral hygiene. I understand there is nothing more painful like tooth pain so, I accepted to promote this noble cause of oral hygiene.
My mother says you should brush your teeth twice a day but Dabur says you can brush your teeth anywhere, anytime and at anyplace. I obey my mother and agree to Dabur as well. I accepted the challenge of brushing teeth in public place. I got my RED PACKET from Dabur which gave me choice to take up dare at various public locations. Seven options for seven days and I choose first one which is “At a mall/shopping complex” so I went to flea market place to take up the challenge.

Here is my video where I take up the #TheRedDare.

On successful accomplishment of #TheRedDare challenge I nominate SEVEN others to take up this #TheRedDare :
        1.       Gaurav Pushkarna
        2.       Mayank Bhatnagar
        3.       Deepanshu
        4.       Ashish Pastor
        5.       Soumya Mishra
        6.       Himashu Miyan
        7.       Shachi

If you want to be a part of this campaign and contribute to noble cause of oral hygiene then just WhatsApp your address on number +91-9910818814 to get your #TheRedDare box and carry out the challenge. #TheRedBox contains Dabur red toothpaste and details of the dare.

So guys go ahead and take up this exciting challenge. Trust me its FUN!

Happy brushing!
Stay healthy!


  1. Great post! Is so important the tooth care! :)

  2. Cute challenge! Taking care of our teeth is so important <3

  3. Great post & love the video, Manisi! Happy 2015 to you & may you have a wonderful new year, dear! Well, I'm back in action & resuming my blog hopping now. So glad to be back blogging ^_^
    Luxury Haven