What your nail paint talks about your personality?

"Sure, My life is not perfect. But my NAILS are, and that's all that really matters."... How many of you girls agree to it?? well I guess not only girls but many boys will agree for there Girl Friends too. I am a nail paint freak. I have five big boxes of nail paints in my wardrobe. But certainly I never thought I have two boxes of pink color nail-paint and its related shades. I  am sure you guys must have your favorite shade which you apply frequently. Did you ever think what your nail-paint color talks about your personality ? You didn't?? Read below to know what your favorite color talks about your personality:

ORANGE:[Travel Freak]

Your are life of your group. You love to travel and make plans for long or short trips. You love to hangout with friends and family. You enjoy being surrounded by people.


This color is the color of pride. In the complete palette of nail colors no other can beat this shade. This color signifies that you are not only strong mentally but you have great sense of choice and class. You are fun-loving happy girl.


If you have this color on your nails then it means you will not shy away from doing something new and adventurous. Yellow color being bright color is noticed by our eyes even from distance. This color signifies happiness and energy.

GREEN:[Helping hand]

This color means that your friends not only take advice from you but also love your innocent and caring attitude. Opposite of RED is green. It portrays you as caring and understanding person. People feel safe with you.


People who are true inside-out love this color. This color signifies deep thinkers and mature personality. If you wear this color then it means you are a pure from heart and trustworthy as well.


If valentines day is not the only day you love applying pink color or its shades then it means you are romantic in nature. If you love applying darker pink shades then it signifies you are passionate in nature.


Red and blue mix to make purple. This color talks about your spiritual inclination and calm and compose persona.


No one wants to fight with you and no one dares to dare get in any heated conversation with you. You are strong headed and determiner.


If you like white nail paint then you are a great thinker and pure heart person. Before starting any good work you choose to apply white nail paint be it a new job, or new home etc. You want to explore great opportunities in life.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I love nail color... my favorite is orange, green and purple... these are some lovely shades Manasi ♡

  2. Red is always my color for nails, I love it! :D


  3. Good thing I am not into nail polish. I do not want to be analyzed. :)

  4. I just love ladies to have pretty nails. Great pictures and colors. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!

    Eye See Euphoria : http://eyeseeeuphoria.com/post/give-me-life

  5. Beautiful nail art!

  6. Haha so I'm strong, romantic and powerful... Good to know :D

    Bella Pummarola