Style your hair with Hair extentions

"I didn't want to go out but my hair looked too good to stay in." Every girl wants to say this; am I right or am I RIGHT!! We all girls believe that another form of happiness is a good hair day. Today I am here to talk about hair...your perfect hair. Few of my friends say they don't have pretty hair because their hair lack bounce or they are thin etc etc. They also say: this is the reason they find difficult to style there hair and stick to some traditional hairstyles. To rescue this problem I suggested them to try hair extension. To amaze me was there reaction to using hair extension. Some said "I have good density of hair they why hair extension?"; some said"I have very thin hair what I if I loose my natural hair". I am here today answer few among all those questions as I feel many of you might also have similar issues.

Lets know about hair extension first.Hair extensions are a way of adding volume or lengthening one's hair by adding artificial hair or natural hair collected from other individuals. I love playing around with my hair. I love to do different hairstyles to office and to parties as well. For every other outfit I want to do little different with my hairs. Doing this little different every day to office and maintaining same texture and health of hair becomes a challenge. Many of you might ask how do you manage to it; then I have just one answer: hair extension. Let me explain you better: there are hair extension which come with a clip. These kind of hair extension stick to natural hairs with a clip and can be removed easily. They do not harm your hairs. Lets talk about few hair styles with clip in hair extensions.

Friday is dinner party with friends and you want to look sophisticated and elegant. For this look you plan straight hair. Ho about adding hair extension to your hair and making them look longer and thicker. All I understand about boys is they love long hair and if the density is good they love it even more.

On Saturday you have a wedding to attend how about  doing a side bun? All you have to is secure hair to a side ponytail and make a bun. Now clip a faux bun extension on top of your natural hair.

Saturday night is a disco party how about bangs with bouncy hairs or wavy look.All you need to do is blow dry your hairs and give them little curls. Now just clip in wavy extensions.

If its Monday and you have a corporate meeting so you want to make a high pony. why not add volume and length to your pony tail by adding faux ponytail piece.

So many hairstyles and just one easy solution. If you want a thick braid then just add hair extension in layers at the crown. Now just secure your hair to the side and  braid it.

 You can buy hair extension online from

This website is dedicated to hair extensions. You will get hair extension of all sizes and texture. In fact you can easily find out the extension match color of hair and texture very easily. They have lots of sizes available in them. They have curly, wavy, straight etc. just to suit your need.

So girl go ahead and try out extensions. I am sure you will love using them. In fact if you shy away from coloring your hair then you can buy colored extensions and add them to look flirty and young.

Happy Weekend!!


  1. These are certainly some great picks! Happy weekend, dear! xoxo
    Luxury Haven

  2. I wish I could have long hair, but I can't take care of it haha :D

  3. Really great dear!
    wish you a happy weekend!
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  4. I have never tried hair extension but they certainly make the hair look healthy and bouncy

  5. I've never used extensions, but the truth is that I really want.
    And I love hairstyles with braids.
    happy weekend

    Lady Wolff

  6. Great idea to pin it with a clip, really love it!!!

    Have a nice Sunday

  7. The hairstyle look wonderful with extentions!

  8. Love the hair pieces!
    Vibes from Miami,

  9. I've never tried hair extensions..but Im sure to do that soon. I believe changing your hairstyle gives instant makeover if it suits you.

  10. I love hair extensions! I have mine glued to the scalp though <3

  11. great post

  12. I've never exactly used hair extentions! To be honest, they really scare me! :p Haha...perhaps if i have enough guts, I would give them a shot! Nonetheless, great review babe!! <3

  13. Great post about hair extensions