All good Scents Men Premium Fragrance Range: review hearing this which fragrance comes to your mind?? Is it mild rose or strong sandalwood? or Amber? Today we will be talking about fragrances. All good Scents is a brand which makes fragrances for men and women both. Today I will be talking about there Eau De  Toilette for men which is there premium range.

Before talking specifically about each fragrance I want to ask you - What do you mean by Eau De  Toilette ? I am sure many people know about it but those who don't, Eau De  Toilette fragrance are those fragrance which you should apply to your skin after taking a bath. When you take bath your skin is fresh with no sweat. After drying your skin apply fragrance to your pulse point. This will not only last long but also when you sweat fragrance will mix with smell of your sweat and will make you feel fresh for longer period of time. 

Lets talk about there premium range of fragrance.


This fragrance has Lavender and cardamon as top notes. This is the first fragrance which hits and feels soothing.Also with Bergamot in top note it make attractive. This TOP hint stays for around 30 minutes to 45 minutes. The fragrance has soft spices in the middle note which take 10-15 minutes to get fully absorbed in the skin and get that linger scent. The scent for a longer period feels woody as you can feel sandalwood and cedar wood which makes you feel fresh for a longer period of time. I feel it is that fresh fragrance which one wants to carry all day.

The bottle of the fragrance is attractive and smart and does gives feel of a rockstar.
Price: Rs 1500

Urbane Nights:

This fragrance I would like my man to wear when its a dance floor party. The fragrance is exotic and boys if you wear this then you will enjoy soothing mild fragrance all the time and this will not give you headache neither to your girlfriend. The fragrance has peppermint and mandarin in top note which feel soothing and fresh and TOP note stays for 40 minutes. in the heart notes you have spices which you can feel when you apply and is woody. The fragrance is very warm and soft and stays for decent time.

I love the complete black bottle of this fragrance. Looks classy and attractive.
Price:Rs 990


This fragrance will make girls follow boys. The fragrance is very strong and seductive. As the name suggest "Arise" yes the fragrance will bring sensation in your nerves when you feel this. This is one fragrance which reminds me of a strong tall dark handsome man drawing you towards him irresistibly. The scent is citrus in top note Patchouli, Rose Bay, Geranium Leaves in the middle and Benzoin, Vetiver, Atlas cedar as the base. 

The bottle reminds me of my Dad's favorite cologne which I admire always.
Price: Rs990

Over all The fragrances are great and I am pretty sure once you smell it you will fall in love with all of them. Girls you can gift your boy-friends these fragrances and boys you can buy them to attract more girls towards you.

The best part of these fragrances is the fit in your pocket easily. If you plan to buy them then you can hit the link here.



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