Geetanjali salon, Select city walk Delhi Review

"If my hair looks good I can deal with anything!" How many of you  agree? I guess all! Today I will be talking to about my experience at Geetanjali salon who have come up with there new branch in Select City walk.This hair studio started in 1989 with 10 artist team later grew to chain of salons in Delhi. When you talk about hairs you need the most trusted and experienced hands to pamper your hairs and Geetanjali salon expertise in this. The salons are located in Delhi- Gurgaon prime locations.

About Geetanjali salon:
Geetanjali salon started in the year 1989 by Mr. Prem Israni and his wife Mrs. Neetu Israni. They had very early on embraced the notion that day-by-day people were becoming more style conscious and were willing to experiment with their looks.

The first Geetanjali salon was opened in Green Park Market, South Delhi with the aim of serving the best services not only in hair and beauty but also in bridal make-up and other professional needs. Competitively priced to cater to the varied customers whose footfall is increasing, the salon has made a mark not only in the business industry but also has become a household name. It is now considered to be a leading and innovative beauty salon with one of the finest amenities and professionally trained and experienced staffs. And to make sure the salon retains the credibility it has earned over the years, the founding members Mr. and Mrs. Israni, till date, continue to closely monitor and supervise the staff efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

As the season changes I feel my hair drier and frizzier. So I decided to go for a hair ritual to make them more healthier. An energizing and revitalizing ritual stimulates the scalp and nourishes the hair from root to tip to increase hair density. The hair is exposed to daily aggression like ultra-violet rays, dust, pollution, excessive heat, styling etc. & a ritual is the secret to endless happiness after all that.After the ritual I felt my hair more smoother and stronger. I have experienced less hair fall and I love the bounce they have now. Event if I happen to skip blow drying or styling my hairs they still make me look great after the ritual. 

I have never tried hair coloring but this was the time I thought I should at least give it a try so I went for L'Oreal Hair Chalk which is temporary hair coloring. The hair chalk stayed for two to three washes and my hairs are back to there original color. 

A good hair stylist is a sheer delight and to get hair cut by Sumit Israni made my day. I have received so many complements for the new look that people have been asking me from where did you get the makeover done?

Sumit Israni
I would strongly recommend you to visit the salon as you get the best professional services here. They have a great team of experts which take good care your hairs and advice you the best. Its around three weeks and my hairs don't look dry instead look healthy and bouncy.