Want him back for revenge or Love?

Girls are emotional but a broken heart can even make a guy cry out loud. I am talking to you.... yes The reader you...Do you really want him/her back in life?? yes? no?
If yes then for love or for revenge?? Find it little difficult to answer to yourself? I will help you out with answering this; just understand few points and you will know what you actually want.

1. Were you in love or was it higher level of infatuation? Usually people tend to mix love with infatuation. Though both seem similar but has  small difference which ultimately makes a huge difference. When we talk about love, it is said to be unconditional where you don't expect anything but give a lot where as in infatuation you expect in return. The happiness you get in infatuation is momentary.

2. How desperately you want him/her back? When your guy was missing from your incomplete love story, what was the first thing that came to your mind, when you were in a crowded place dresses up your best. Were you thinking- It would have been so wonderful if he would have seen me like this and complemented me? The air would have been full of love and romance if he would have been here?? 


If he would have been here I would have shown him what is he missing in his life? I would have shown him how valuable I am? I would have shown him how well I have managed without him? I would have shown him how many guys die for one smile of mine etc etc.

What is your level desperateness to get him back??

3. If he/she comes back, what next?? Will you be the Disney princess again or Disney Vamp Maleficent?? Will you bring your fantasy world come to life or will you only be interested in making him realize how important you were in his life and biggest mistake he did was to go away. Think again! Is it important for you to pull him down to his knees and make him pay for every single harsh word he said in heated conversation between you two or is it important to be with him and let him stay in your life like your prince charming.

What you want from yourself when he comes back?

And with all this confusion how will you identify that the guy who has come back in your life has come with genuine feelings or is he playing the same game with you? Why is he/she coming back? was he close to death because you were not there? Or he is not getting anyone else in his life and you still look like an easy catch?
Is he back because he has realized that you are his soul mate or he wants to get over you or he has come back for revenge?? Or for any selfish motive ?

Before falling for same person again understand why did you break off? What was the reason behind it?? Does the reason remains the same or you two have figured out a work around of it? Will the relation survive your ways to mend the broken thread?

If you can't mend it why do you want to fall in same pit again??

Whatever it is love or infatuation both are important part of life as there is always infatuation first and then comes love. If I am in love that doesn't mean I wont get attracted to anyone else. I flirt with handsome dudes around me. Relationship is a damn serious matter. You must judge your self first then your partner and then commit to the person.

So friends, in the end I have just one thing to say:

Broken heart hurts a lot. Keep it safe Keep it healthy and FLIRT a lot ;)

Muuaaah... To you dear readers!!


  1. Fun read it is :* And yeah after seeing the photo do watch "Revenge" it is a nice series :)

  2. Great post ! When a love story ends, I wouldn't like to take the person back as it is something broken that cannot be fully repaired. It's better to move on to the future !

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  3. I love this post! And it's perfect timing because I'm going through a similar situation right now. I love the Maleficent analogy <3


  4. Relationships are like glass sometimes its better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself by putting it back together!

  5. Love this post! What great advice

  6. Great post!!!! Kisses.


  7. I would only want someone back for love... never revenge... ( I thought I commented but maybe I didn't submit it)

  8. Gran post me ha encantado!! reflexiones geniales!!
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  9. Great post. Very thought provoking

  10. Amazing post babe
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  11. I think that when something breaks does not come back the same as before :(
    I can understand the situation, I'm living it now!

  12. Great post dear...deep talks :) loved it

  13. True, before entering into a hell-hole of relationship one needs to know one's own feelings first. Only then can the right approach be taken. Revenge, no matter no tempting it may seem, brings no permanent happiness.