The California Boulevard: Restaurant Review

My mom says way to your husband's heart is through his tummy. Do you agree girls? Being a girl working in MNC keeps me so busy that at times I find it really hard to cook something delicious and different from regular routine. Though I am not married yet but when in future I will marry the guy of my dreams then I will have to find other ways to win his heart. So I found a good restaurant.

Recently I visited The California Boulevard with my friend Divya to enjoy a good lunch. Red carpet entrance,  Hollywood posters, Wall of Fame and Harley Davidson near the seating area will repulse bug of Hollywood in you and bring it to life. We were invited to this place and we had an amazing host and companion Kanchan who was there to attend all our queries.

They offer cuisine from around 11 different countries. Going through the menu we first ordered drinks. They offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Located in West Delhi they offer true core Dilli walon ki "Dilli Ki Chat". Eat it once and you will crave for more and more. I and Divya finished one and ordered one more. I wish I could take that home. Unique idea of crispy spinach leaf with curd,coriander chutney(sauce), tamarind chutney and spices will make your mouth water when you see it and then you will be in different world after having it. Starters did not end here we then had Paneer sushi, kaffir lime tikka, dua Paneer tikka, and much more.

Dilli ki Chat

Paneer Sushi

Kaffir Lime Tikka

Dua Paneer tikka

Tomato and Mushroom Brushetta

Then was the main course started with salad and  we were overloaded with both veg and Non-veg varieties. Paitai noodle and chilli chicken were win for us. 

Asparagus Taragulla Salad

Paitai noodles

Chiken Breast

Paneer Arabiaz

Then came the desert. Three deserts and it was way to hard for us to mark our favorite. TCB Gajak Kulfi is SUPER DUPER HIT!! It is Kulfi inside chocolate ball. Eat it and Feel the flavors every where over your tongue and get lost in your own world. 

Gajak Kulfi

Rasberry chew cake

Over all It is a great place to dine in even with family as before allowing you into the restaurant they do a profile check to assure you and others a great experience. A good restaurant is known by its good quality and taste of food, and if the quality and taste come with good presentation makes your meal complete. I hope the pictures clicked will talk the rest about presentation.

Paneer Tai chilli

Salty Dog

Chilli chicken

Fried Rice

Fish n Chips

Garlic Bread

The ones who are married can dine in here with there hubbies and may be your Hubie gifts you some thing precious after having dinner here ;) and if you are not married(like me) then you explore more from there menu and enjoy the tour to 11 countries with friends and family.

Price: Rs1500(Approx for two people)

Address: J 2/5, 1st & 2nd Floor, B.K. Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden, NewDelhi

Stay Healthy Eat Healthy!


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