Maybelline Insta Glam box Wedding edition Pink: review

Hello Beauties, 
I As you all know the festive season is just round the corner. And sooner wedding season will be in full bloom. At this time when you have started making preparations for a wedding in your family or attending a friend's wedding, I thought it is just the right moment to talk about a makeup box which is affordable and has the most essential and just the right things in the box for a party makeup. I bought this when I reviewed , here. Want to know more about the box? Read it below!!


Rs 1499

My Take on
Maybelline Insta Glam box Wedding edition

Maybelline being a brand which not only is affordable but it sells quality. This time in there wedding edition insta glam box they have come up with three different boxes to suit different looks- Red, Coral and Pink. They have in all 7 products in this box which have total cost of Rs 2010/- but you get all the products at discount of 25% if you buy this box making it even more economic.

As you know that I am so much in love with pink and coral shades that was so confused which to buy? And hence I bought pink. Take a look at the contents of the box.

Box Contents:
1 Colossal Kajal MRP 175
1 Color Show Nail Color MRP 75
1 Diamond Glow Eye Shadow MRP 485
1 Color Sensation Lip Polish MRP 450
1 Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara MRP 250
1 Cheeky Glow MRP 250
1 Color Show Liner MRP 325

Colossal Kajal: This product needs no introduction as this is part of our every day makeup. Even if we keep the makeup bare minimum kajal is something I never miss out. What about you? I guess you agree with me ;)

Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara: This will make your eyelashes curl which will make your eyes prettier.

ColorShow Liner Blue: Though I have eye liners of almost every possible color but blue is among the favorites as it goes with many dresses. you may try matching it with your dress or may be in contrast till you know you can flaunt your eyes the best.

Diamond Glow Eye Shadow: This pallet is good for beginners.The Pallet has pretty four colors. first shimmer silver to highlight the area just under the eyebrow, third light pink to apply as base and darker pink over the eyelids starting from center to the end. Lastly black start from end and take it just little closer towards center to create smokey effect. If you do not want smokey eyes then you may skip this color. 

ColorShow Nail Color: I Love this color! I love almost every color till I know it is pink. Do you also love pink?

Cheeky Glow: The color is very pretty pink. The color is suits wide range of skin tone. packaging is very handy.

Color Sensation Lip Polish: Dress up for a festive season is incomplete with out a good lip color. Usually we prefer gloss and Maybelline knows it all. This lip polish is very pretty light pink. It will come beautifully over less pigmented lips making you look younger.      

What I like about this product? :
*Really Nice box includes all the most needed things.
*Fits into pocket.

Final Word: 

I find this Box not only good for use but also good to gift someone. It has all the just right and and needed makeup products.You can try this product, as for this price you cannot get any better.


  1. I'm yet to try the glam box, seems great
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    Angela Donava

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