Basic Table manners

Basic table manners as the name suggest I am going to talk about how to behave when you are having dinner at friends place or corporate party. I have seen my friends who come from small city and join corporate world do not know basic etiquette and they land up in world of embarrassment.
Here are a few pointers which you should keep in mind:
1.       Starting with when you enter restaurant and you get seated on the table, on your right side of the table you will find a napkin. Place the napkin on your lap unfolding it with your both hands. Do not shake it open. Also if you wish to get up and move from the place (because you want to attend a phone call or anything)…just say excuse me and place the napkin on the table not folding it again.
2.       Now when you order alcohol to drink then there are few pointers which you should keep in mind. First is when you say cheers (for the first time) then you need to take the sip of your drink before putting your glass down. Second is you should avoid drinking more than two packs. Do not clean spoon or fork with the napkin instead ask to change it.
3.       When the food is served then hold knife in right hand and fork in left hand for eating breads etc .In case happen to eat chicken the use your hands to eat it. Do not talk while chewing food and avoid munching sounds while eating. In case if anything is unreachable then instead of reaching out for it, ask the person sitting near to it to pass it on. Avoid making sounds with the utensils.
4.       After you are done with eating food, do not wash your hands in your plate. When you leave the table then half fold your napkin and leave it on the left side of the table. If food gets stuck in your tooth then use a toothpick instead of putting your finger in your mouth.
5.       If you happen to sneeze, burp or fart say excuse me.

6.       Lastly do not forget to appreciate the hospitality of host.


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  4. Honestly, these are really good points everyone should know :)