Beauty and fashion tips for this summer by Sheena Chauhan

Tips & Personal Style Statement

Health- Monitor the diet
A diet rich in antioxidants too will enable better healing of sun burns. Opt for foods rich in Vitamin A and C, like soy, citrus fruits and dark chocolates and lots of green leafy vegtables. Drinking plently of water atleast 2/3 liters a day- throughout the day also works wonders.
A good exercise regime-  Mix of Training and cardio - to keep fit is important.
Beauty-  cleansing, moistureiseing and toneing- really helps and works wonders. Besides i think one should drink lots of water, it keeps your skin healthy.
Also , whenever one comes back from a shoot or  goes to a party/event  and applies make up, make sure when you are back you remove it with make-up remover/cleanser, before you are off to sleep. this is very important, otherwise it might affect you skin drastically
For your eyes to look fresh, take 2 small piece of cotton and pour some rose water on it. Let it rest on your eyes while you sleep, and it will just work wonders!

Fashion and style- My style is wearing what one is comfortable in this summer. Also light pastal colours likes pinks, greens , specially in summary dresses look wonderfull during summers. Whites is a great colour for summer too. Keep it simple yet elegant is the rule I follow!
Besides, I love experimenting with different types of saris. As saris give you that Indian feel and also I feel it is one of the sexiest clothing an Indian women can and should opt for.


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