AIQYA haul and brand review

People often say beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and I say the most liberal thing is realizing you are the beholder. Agree people? Yes you do! Well... don't think that I am being philosophical today but yes the feeling which comes to be beautiful in your own skin is one of the best feelings. We girls want to have the most beautiful and spotless skin. To pamper this divine beauty which girls are gifted with I am here to share with you my haul post of AIQYA. This brand might not be known to many but this is one such brand which I am using and want to use again and again. AIQYA is brand name of product line from Sri Pitambara.


Some time back I was contacted by AIQYA to have look at there range of products, use them and share my views with you lovely people. At that time I didn't knew about Aiqya as a brand but now I have used it and know it as good organic brand.  Here is my haul. They have sent in 7 sample size products. Here is what brand speaks about those products.

1. Aiqya refreshing face wash with rose.
 rose face wash cleanses, moisturizes and make your skin glow.

2. Aiqya rejuvenating face wash with pearl oyster.
 Pearl face wash exfoliates dead skin cells and makes skin healthy to breath.

3. Aiqya anti-acne face wash with neem.
      Neem face wash works as nice antibacterial wash that cleanses and keeps away acne and pimples.

4. Aiqya herbal hair serum.
       It make hair look soft , silky and healthy.

5. Aiqya daily moisturizing shampoo jojoba.
      It removes dandruff and brings shine to your hairs.

6. Aiqya body silk calming lavender.
      Creamy light and non greasy body lotion made with essential oil to invigorate and uplift the senses.

7.Aiqya Facial cleansing cream with tea tree oil.
      It removes dirt, dust and makeup.It also nourishes skin.

I have used these products and I am in process of  using a few now like face wash, I have used the neem one and currently enjoying pearl oyster.The best part of this brand is they DO NOT CONTAIN PARABENS. Yes you heard it right, they do not contain parabens. One of my friend came to place for overnight stay she tried the rose one and liked it so much that she took it with her. The face wash cleanses your skin properly and does not over dry your skin instead moisturizes.

I will be reviewing them separately as I am loving them and yes my friends are loving them too.

AIQYA as a brand refrain themselves from using SLS, phthalates, non-biodegradable mineral oils etc. They make PURE ORGANIC products. Once you use them I am sure you will like them. If you wish to try an organic product which promises to keep your skin soft, supple and glowing then this is what you are hunting for. Even if you have sensitive skin then also you will love it. Please find the details from where you may order their products below.

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  27. My philosophical bit of the day: I definitely think that if you believe you are beautiful, then the world around you is beautiful. A person will see ugly in people because those people has things that the person doesn't have and makes him/her insecure. Kind of like jealousy? I don't know if that made sense? But end note, definitely be confident in who you are because there is no reason to feel ugly about yourself!
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