This Friday have fun with neon colors. Pink is favorite color of most girls, so we have for you two looks which will make you look pretty in shades of pink.

 SPRING POP Princess

Go pink this weekend by wearing this bright colorful one shoulder dress with hues of orange and pink, team up with pink pep-toes to look more chick. Geometric bangles bring more color to the outfit making the outfit quirky and fresh with earrings designed in gold and fuschia. Complete your ensemble by turquoise blue envelope clutch and flaunt the diva in you.

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Any day or Everyday Me

Style the polka princess top with black jeggings and make hearts flutter. Golden and green bangles will make your look contemporary with traditional touch. A classy color combination with remarkable highlights makes this bag a must have bag(also because it will go many more outfits from your wardrobe). Go careless with this strapy pair of sandals in gladiator style.

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Stay Fashionable!
Happy Weekend!

Being in your teens is very difficult. As there are hormonal changes going on inside your body. So you become sometimes little cranky, sometimes sweet, sometimes stupid and sometimes behave matured. In this stage when you are actually confused with things going around and how you should handle them you always need a friend to whom you want to talk out to. But issues like pimples, blackheads etc cant be handled by just talking to a friend. Clean and clear is one brand which addresses to these problems of teenagers as they have range of face washes, lotions etc which are teen skin friendly.

In teenage we make mistakes, behave stupid in situations and sometimes we behave so mature that we stop our friends from making mistakes or behaving weird. So to address those funny yet true incidents which occur in almost every one's life, clean & clear has launched there you tube channel. I am sharing with you two videos which are fun and quirky . Watch them and let us your views about them.

Every girl dreams of the day when her prince charming will come riding on horse to get her. Hmm... you must be thinking what I am going to talk about? Is it love or advance stage of love i.e. marriage? Well actually a dear friend of mine is getting married so being the best friend of the bride I have to look the best in her wedding. Hence, I was hunting for a dress and was so confused, should I wear a lehenga or a saree or a suit? This hunt took me to a website named and look what I bought....A lehenga. They have such amazing collection of indian outfits that I was so confused which one to pick and which one to leave.The website offers wonderful collection of party wear dresses, suits , gowns, designer style outfits, Bollywood replica outfits etc.

For you pretty people today we have two looks for this Friday outfit. Tell us in your comments below what you want us to style with. We will be happy to create looks for you.

Beach look

We call it the Beach look.
Printed blue and white racer back top with elastic hem, teamed up with denim Hot Pants. Cottony soft seamless pink bra with full coverage makes the look very chick and outgoing. Slip in those colorful slippers and enjoy your "Me" time on beach.

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 Classy Me in Classy Black

We call this look "Classy Me in Classy Black".
This Bodycon dress with silver embellished yoke is a style statement. Pair it with high heels to flatter your slim figure.  Carry this black sequined box clutch in hand or hang it around your shoulder. Complete your look with monochrome earnings. 

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Stay Fashionable!

Happy Weekend!

SPA... What is the first thing comes to your mind? Relax and rejuvenate.....this is my first thought. I had very busy schedule, past three weeks as I was working day and night in office and then home. My body was demanding time and off course peace. as well Taking a SPA was actually need of the hour. When The Four Fountain Spa in Delhi asked me to enjoy there services I had to say YES!

Are you hunting for a graduation dress and still not found the perfect one? So for you beauties we introduce you to a web store which has amazing collection of Dresswe 2014 discount cute homecoming dresse online promotion and that to at a very reasonable price. The webstore is  . This web store has a special dedicated section as 2014 homecoming dresses which includes the latest trendy dresses for your graduation day. The best part is these dress are so budget friendly and yet so stylish and amazingly beautiful that you will fall in love with each of them. web store not only has amazing collection of cheap homecoming dresses but they also have homecoming dresses sale. Hence you get an amazing homecoming dress under 100$ which is perfect mixture of hotness and sexiness. 

1. For Pimples

When a pimple pops up over your skin you should not break it. If you break the pimple the liquid which comes out may stick to other parts of your skin and infect that part too. So, you should not  break the pimple. Also because when you break it there comes a deep wound which slowly slowly turns into dark spot.

Fridays are so much fun, so we have come up with a series of fun Friday outfits for you lovely  people out there.  

 Colorful Yet Elegant

This look we call as "Colorful Yet Elegant". You can wear this outfit to meet friends, dine and wine with them. You may also wear it to mall to shop as sale season is at boom. Royal blue skirt team up with colorful floral yoke makes a girl a Lady. Accessorizing it with blue studs and blue party mini briefcase. And to complete the look wear these statement-making peep toes in color block panels of red, blue and grey color.

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Beautiful girls and handsome boys tell us how you find our first look of the series.

Stay Fashionable!
Happy Weekend!

Hello Beauties, 
Lipsticks and lipcolors are one among those very important things which I never forget taking along with me before moving out. Being a huge fan of lip shades it becomes really important to take care of lips before and after applying lipstick. So my best pals are lip smoother and lip balms. Today I will be reviewing one such lip smoother which I have used for around a month till now. It is Faces Canada Lip smoother, its flavor is Peach Paradise. Peach being my favorite fruit I thought this product will be exciting. To know more read below.

Nail paint like this is the one to die for…Am I Right? Or am I right!  Well I am sure when you will take a look at the images of Colorbar Pro Nail Lacquer Haute Rough then you will like this color.

It has started raining.... first rain of the coming monsoon. I am sitting in my balcony with a mug filled with hot coffee. Are you enjoying the rain with me?? come lets have a cup of coffee together....

Fashion, Modeling, Bollywood, Hollywood..... You might me thinking I will be talking about fashion but today's topic of interest will revolve around people who are associated with film industry.  We have heard many stories of celebrities going under the knife and their denials over those stories. For few celebrities these surgeries have done wonders and for few it became the worst mistake of there life. What utmost important thing in cosmetic surgery is SELF-CONFIDENCE. No surgery is done without proper counseling. Below are listed three points which will give you an incite about cosmetic surgery.

Fashion and style are part of life; we want to look the best every day, so the need to look the best is even more important and crucial when it’s a prom night. So lovely ladies today I am here to introduce you to one such online store where you can buy prom dresses and evening gowns which are hot, sexy and appealing at the same time.

1. Say No to Marks

Honey is always considered as the best treatment for getting rid of wound marks naturally, it also works as moisturizer. 

Wound marks are nothing but dead cell and tissues. Honey helps in growing new tissues and removing marks. Take some drops of honey and apply it on wound marks on regular basis. For better result you can add some drops of lemon juice to honey.

1. For Beautiful and Shinny hairs:
After washing your hairs with shampoo,again wash your hairs with Vinegar. This will protect your hairs from damage and breakage. If you have oily hairs then mix lemon juice with vinegar and keep it for 15 min and then wash your hairs with cold water.

Tips & Personal Style Statement

Health- Monitor the diet
A diet rich in antioxidants too will enable better healing of sun burns. Opt for foods rich in Vitamin A and C, like soy, citrus fruits and dark chocolates and lots of green leafy vegtables. Drinking plently of water atleast 2/3 liters a day- throughout the day also works wonders.
A good exercise regime-  Mix of Training and cardio - to keep fit is important.
Beauty-  cleansing, moistureiseing and toneing- really helps and works wonders. Besides i think one should drink lots of water, it keeps your skin healthy.
Also , whenever one comes back from a shoot or  goes to a party/event  and applies make up, make sure when you are back you remove it with make-up remover/cleanser, before you are off to sleep. this is very important, otherwise it might affect you skin drastically
For your eyes to look fresh, take 2 small piece of cotton and pour some rose water on it. Let it rest on your eyes while you sleep, and it will just work wonders!

Fashion and style- My style is wearing what one is comfortable in this summer. Also light pastal colours likes pinks, greens , specially in summary dresses look wonderfull during summers. Whites is a great colour for summer too. Keep it simple yet elegant is the rule I follow!
Besides, I love experimenting with different types of saris. As saris give you that Indian feel and also I feel it is one of the sexiest clothing an Indian women can and should opt for.

1. For beautiful legs:

Mix  Sandalwood and Rose water to make a paste. Now apply it on your feet and legs. This will not only make your skin soft and supple but also will give you relief from burning sensation. Also regular massage by olive oil of feet and legs will give you better results.

WSeason changes and so does our mood. Sometimes we like straight hairs, sometimes blunt cut, sometime wavy and sometimes curly. With this changing mood with seasons I am here for you dearies with EASY-PEASY ways  to curl your hairs home.

1. Make 10-12 sections of your hairs. With the help of hair band or pins make buns of the sectioned hair, keep them over night. Next morning open them up.

2. After shampoo your hairs are wet and you don't have time to get them curly. Take help of comb and roll them towards inside and blow dry them. You are ready in a minute.

3.If you have roller or curler rod then you can use it to curl your hairs. But avoid using them on regular basis as the hot rod may damage your hairs if used daily use.

4. If you have short hairs then use small roller comb and blow dry your hairs.

5. Want to go to a beach party and want bouncy look? Use straightener to roll your hairs. This will give you wavy look.

For clean skin

Mesh potato to get the juice. Apply this juice on your face, this will help you get rid of marks and blemishes. It will also bring glow to your skin.. Potato contains potassium, sulphur, phosphorous and calcium which helps to make your skin clean.To get better results apply potato face mask at least once a week. as the name suggest; something fresh,young and energetic as of age NINETEEN. Since I am shopaholic I shop a lot online and offline so, the hunt to shop something different yet fashionable is always on. Hence, this hunt took me to the website This website offers you amazing collection in apparels, jewellery, footwear and accessories.

People often say beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and I say the most liberal thing is realizing you are the beholder. Agree people? Yes you do! Well... don't think that I am being philosophical today but yes the feeling which comes to be beautiful in your own skin is one of the best feelings. We girls want to have the most beautiful and spotless skin. To pamper this divine beauty which girls are gifted with I am here to share with you my haul post of AIQYA. This brand might not be known to many but this is one such brand which I am using and want to use again and again. AIQYA is brand name of product line from Sri Pitambara.

. I am sure many of you lovely people might have heard the name and also may have shopped from this website. But the ones who have not heard of this website, I am here today with its review. As we girls love to shop, shop and shop. We want to look the best all the time. We want to stay updated with fashion trends and look fabulous. Myntra is one shop stop for you as it offers you everything you need from head to toe. They not only have amazing collection in apparels but also have tempting beauty and cosmetic range.

About Myntra

Being India's largest e-commerce store for fashion and lifestyle products, aims at providing a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country with the widest range of brands and products on its portal. The brand is making a conscious effort to bring the power of fashion to shoppers with an array of the latest and trendiest products available in the country.