Mall Of Style Giveaway Winner Announced!

Hello Lovely people!

The Giveaway ended yesterday. Congrats to all the winners.

The winners are:

Rajendra Kanchan
Mayank Bhatnagar
Yasmina Rosa Wölkchen
Jupiter Ascending
Poonam Jain
Celes Cao
Joyce Vissenberg
Richa Saxena
Bhavani Sekar
Slađana Sušilović
Enara Bergaretxe
Shilpa Ramachandran
Sifa Mukaddam

Those who could not win or some how couldn't participate in the giveaway. Don't loose heart we have even more exciting giveaway coming soon.

We have sent all the winners congratulations mail with the Gift card Coupon code. Kindly Check your mail boxes. And in case you did not receive mail please drop me mail at

Congratulations once again!