1.Benefits of curd:

 If you have dry skin, then take half cup curd and add one small spoon of olive oil and small table spoon of lemon juice. Mix it and apply it over your face. Wash it lukewarm water. This will help cure dryness of skin. This will also make your skin soft and supple. You may mix it with any fruit and apply it as face pack.

Spices...Ahhh..... chilli......I need water!! Many of us have the same reaction when we talk about spices. Food is incomplete without spices and in India. People put loads of spices to make it more delicious and mouth watering. You feel water in your mouth before having indian cuisine and yes after too.

These spices not only add flavor to the cuisine but also have medicinal values. They help prevent and cure various diseases and also increase brain power. Yes I am talking about brain power, ability to think fast, absorb fast and remember long. Lets check out spices which help you increase your brain power.
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The Giveaway ended yesterday. Congrats to all the winners.

Recently I was invited to attend a pamper  party hosted by Jafra. When I got the invite I was little apprehensive about the event as it held was on one of those sunny days when the sun was in full energy to burn everything. But yes the thought of attending a SPArty  i.e SPA+ PARTY was different.

As a promise we are here today again with lots of fashion updates. We want you all to look fashionable always so here are some trends which are #trending. I am sure you want to know about them. Check them below!

We girls have an urge to fashion, to look good, be stylish and flaunt the best part in us. But not all of us are blessed with good height, and this should not stop us from being fashionable. Many girls you are short in height do fax-pas. I have for you dearies few things to keep in mind before dressing up and moving out.


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Its Giveaway time!!

I am here with a fabulous giveaway for you all and guess what? yes, its international! Mall of Style have been one of the amazing shopping brand in US which offers the most luxurious jewelry at tempting prices. To we "IndianFashionAndLifestyle" and Mall of style collaborate, for you lovely people and Host a GIVEAWAY. Below are a few images of goodness they have in jewelry for you.

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There had been so many products sent by fab bag that I just get confused which one to review first. Today I am reviewing Florelle wet and dry blush which I received in my fab bag long time back.


1. To control hair fall.

Take Hena leaves and boil them in mustard oil. After the oil cools down apply it on your hairs and scalp at night. Leave it for the night and wash your hairs in the morning.

2. Lip Scrub

Sugar+olive oil= mix and then slowly rub it over your lips in circular motion. This will not only make your lips smooth but also moisturize them. You can repeat the procedure twice a week for better results.

3.Prevent dark circles.

Tomato pulp(1 teaspoon)+ turmeric powder(pinch of )+ lemon juice(1/2 teaspoon) + gram flour(1 teaspoon) = mix to make paste. Apply this paste over your eyes and darken skin and leave for about 30 minutes. Clean it using cotton pads. Repeat the procedure once a week.

Image Source:1,2,3.
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I was not found of pink lip colors initially but it seems like an obsession now, that I have so many pink lippies in my closet and I just couldn't hold my self to explore more pink shades in different textures and formula. Today I have a review of cool toned pink lip color of L'Oreal. L'Oreal has a variety of shades in this range.


Miss India Asia Pacific world Anukriti Gusain looks stunning in Grey & gold gown designed by designer Mayyur R Girotra. The lady stood 4th amongst the best from all over the world at Miss Asia Pacific World, 2014. She is wearing one of the finniest work of Mayyur. Take a look at Mayyur's Collection here.

1. Control hair fall

If you are facing problem of hair fall then you should apply oil in your scalp at least three times a week. Mix coconut oil+olive oil+almond oil and apply at night. Wash your hair in the morning you will see a significant difference.