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Summer have come and the heat is burning. In summers temperature crosses 45 degrees and it becomes really difficult to make your body cool. At times you feel like having bath more than thrice a day, to feel refreshed. Since I have oily skin, my skin feels fresh when I apply any product which contains mint. Today I have for you review of Nature's spearmint body wash which I got in My FAB BAG. Want to know more? Read below!  

Actress Sheena Chohan who is been in news for her foreign film Ant Story, International events and appearances is selected as the Brand Ambassador for youth for Human Rights. The lady who hosted Bharat Benz and Mercedes Benz events recently in Macau and Hong kong is all set to make her mark in Srilanka for Human Rights South Asia Summit 2014.


1.For beautiful skin

If your skin is getting dry or is not losing its natural shine then apply olive oil to skin. Olive oil contains omega 3 fatty acid and anti-oxidants which makes your skin soft. This will also add bring in natural shine to your skin.

Summers have come and now its time for some wonderful chick colors which are bright and make your hand look fairer and cleaner. Today I have on my nails  LA SPLASH nail polish, which I got in my FAB BAG. The color is pretty neon pink which look beautiful.

Hello Beauties, 
Body lotion and body butter have been my favorite products since ages and I have never missed a single day using them. Today I have a review of NAKED potion lotion which is beauty balm. It moisturises  and hydrates your skin and let its pores open and breath! I received it in my FAB BAG which you can see here.  Want know more about the product? Read Below! 


Want to stay healthy and live longer not by cutting your diet but by eating all what you want? Read below!

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A dear blogger friend of mine bought Pink Alert lipsticks from maybelline and they look simply amazing on her. I just had decided that I want to get it and use it, not only because of my crazy obsession for lipsticks but also because it was lovely pink color. Maybelline has come up with four shades in this range POW1,POW2,POW3,POW4. I have for you swatches of all four shades of this range. My personal favorites from this range are POW2 and POW4.     


Multani Mitti also known as fuller’s earth is one of the least expensive natural way to a beautiful skin. It is being used since centuries to heal tanning, blemishes and give a glowing skin. It is the best way to soothe red painful pimples without leaving any marks. Fullers Earth(Multani mitti) face packs works wonders for all skin types. So beauties I have for you  a recipe of face pack which you can try out at home in just no time.


1.       Multani Mitti(fullers earth)
2.       Cucumber (Khera)
3.       Curd
4.       Haldi (Turmeric)

About Ingredients:

1.       Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti):It is popular as fuller’s earth. It has high content of magnesium chloride which plays an important role in fighting red angry acne.
2.       Cucumber(Khera): It helps in brightening your skin. 
3.       Curd: It helps in making your skin fairer.
4.       Turmeric(Haldi): It help in curing acne and marks.

How to make the paste:

1.       Take powdered form of Fullers Earth.
2.       Take Cucumber and peal it. Now crush it to get its juice.
3.       Add a table spoon of curd to it.
4.       Add a pinch of Turmeric to it.
5.       Mix it with help of spoon.

Directions to Apply/ benefit:

Apply in on face as a face mask for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash your face with water. You will feel the skin tighten and brighten. You can apply this paste on body parts(such as arms, legs etc) to get rid of tanning.

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Today I have for you Australian dish. This best part of this dish is that it is cooked with beer. So for beer lovers this is one you will enjoy having.


 6 small, boneless white fish fielts
1 and 1/2 self raising flour
one egg
300 ml beer
flour for coating
cooking oil
Thai sweet chili sauce


1.Add egg and salt to self raising flour and mix it.
2. Slowly pour beer to it to make thin paste resembling cream. Now put it in fridge for 30 minutes.
3. Add oil in deep saucepan and heat it high.
4. Take fish pieces and roll them over dry flour. Now dip them in batter.
5.fry these fish pieces in oil .
6.Serve them with lemon slices and Thai sweet chili sauce.
You can serve it with french fries as well.

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Are you Crazy for coral colors?? Ok Peach shades?? I love them from bottom of my heart. These colors make your hand look fairer and beautiful. So Take a look at the swatch images and tell me... Do you like them?? 

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 Manisha Garg and Jyotsna Jain started Dulce Couture as a highly curated accessories store. In a few short months, Dulce Couture has grown from being a regular facebook page to a website. The idea of an online store came from our non-ending boredom :P.
Dulce Couture was an idea popped up in Jyotsna’s head due to boredom…where manisha garg belongs to science background (IT engineer) and Jyotsna Belongs to the management line, this was very unusual project for both of them. But as the sibling belongs to the hard core business family, taking risks is in their blood of course.
Other then wasting time, Jyotsna is into drawing, painting and Manisha is still searching for a good hobby.
Together they believe in providing the most quirky and trendy products at the same time. We outsource, we design, we manufacture all our stuff!

*What does fashion mean to you?
 Fashion is an over hyped word, your mood is fashion
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Which ever season it may be summers or winters, skin needs nourishment. All what you need is a good moisturizer which should always be a part of daily skin care routine. This not only helps your skin to breathe fresh but also keeps your skin healthy and smooth. Today I will be reviewing Vivel Cell Renew Body Lotion which Nourishes and repairs as it claims.

Hello Beauties, 
Summers have come and we have replaced cold creams from our bag to face-wash. Last night I was so tired after coming from office that I just didn't had the energy to clean my face using cleanser and then exfoliate and then apply a pack, following my daily skin care routine. So I just used this face wash so that I go to sleep with a clean skin. This face wash is cleanser + scrubber; so, it did some really good things to my skin making me feel fresh. The best part is it made my skin breathe. Want to know more about the product? Read below!  


Actress & model Sheena Chohan, who was recently seen hosting Asia cup , 2014 was being invited to host  prestigious Bharat Benz event in Macau.

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One thing a girl can never live with out is a beautiful eyeliner. The choice of a liner varies from person to person as a few like gel liner and others like the matte finish ones. Today I will be  reviewing Coloressence cake eyeliner which is not a gel liner. The best part of this product is it can be used as an eyeshadow as well. There are many good performance liners available in the market, but this one is good to fit in the pocket. 

INGLOT introduces a Brow Shaping Pencil. This high-quality, long-lasting eyebrow pencil comes thicker for even more precise application. It is designed specifically for brow shaping rather than strong colouring. Offered in three different shades, it ensures your eyebrows a natural, yet defined look. Avocado butter and vitamin E. hydrate and nourish the skin, complimented by the pomegranate extract with its strong antioxidant and anti-bacterial features. The pencil comes with a convenient sharpener for easy on-the-go application.

Summer is the season of holidays, outings, Heat, Trends, style statement and much more.

Hello Beauties, 
RED RED RED.....I am loving red color this season. I recently attended my friend's spinster party and I wore a pretty black dress. Then a question came to my mind... Which color lipstick should I apply?? I am sure your answer is the same as mine....RED!! I wore this red lipstick to the party. I got this lipstick in my fab bag. Initially I was a little apprehensive about this lip-color but after using it....Did my views change?? Read below!


1.Say Bye To Wart:

Add white Vinegar to lukewarm water and apply it on wart(massa in Hindi). Keep it for 30 min and wash it off with normal water.

Look Fashionable this summer with stylish sunglasses from Dulcecouture.in

I am here again with some more of girlie gossip. Yet another post on Want him, know him get him! After your wonderful response through mails and definitely by comments I am here with another post.

Hello beauties,

I am sure you would be having a great time this spring season. Today I am with my March Fab bag. Let’s just see what I have in my bag this month.

Determined to make you shine brighter than the summertime sunshine, The Nature’s Co. is prepared to endow all beauty lovers the enticing benefit of grabbing the goodness of luscious watermelons, juicy mangoes, soothing cucumber, aloe vera and refreshing tangerine, all meticulously sourced and recreated to an exotic range of body lotions, body washes, shampoos, creams, lip balms, bath salts, moisturizers, face wash, wellness products and more.

Beautiful Amrita Rao in Mayyur R Girotra Pink Kalidar & Kundan earrings from his LFW'14 collection at Asian Paint felicitation event in Jaipur. She looks amazing in the outfit.