Three Easy Beauty Tips #2

Season is changing and winters have packed their bags to say bye - bye. This is the time when you need to take care special care of your lips. Three tips for Lip CARE day.

1. Moisturize your lips

In old days people didn't had petroleum jelly to moisturize their lips.They use to take lukewarm oil or ghee which was put on Chapati or Roti baked just at that time and apply on lips. Apart from this you can use any good petroleum jelly which has SPF content to keep your lips pink and petal soft.

2. Scrub Your Lips

Like ways you get rid of dead skin of your body by scrubbing so your lips need scrubbing too. Never use face scrub to scrub your lips instead take a soft toothbrush add few drops of coconut oil + sugar to it. Now scrub your lips gently and slowly.

3. Lighten color of Lips

Cream+ rose petals+honey mix them to make a paste. Apply it twice a day. This will not only lighten the color of your lips but will also make them look fresh and attractive. 

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