The ChatterHouse : Restaurant Review

"The ChatterHouse" as the name suggests a place where people can sit relax and chat!! chat all day!!. A place which gives you comfort of being at home with delicious food and amazing drinks. 

About ChatterhouseNew Delhi’s latest watering hole arrives at Epicuria, the Food Mall at Nehru Place Metro Station to swing you into the ‘feel good’ mood.The Chatterhouse, is a perfect getaway from the mundane flow of life, bringing alive the very essence of the pub culture made famous by the typical pubs of Europe, offering a place to connect with friends, conversations, awesome food and drinks, in an ambiance that lets you relax and go with the flow. With The Chatterhouse, you are immediately transported to a place where the feeling of bonhomie and camaraderie ensues along with some fabulous food and beverages at a very competitive pricing.

Lets start with the interior First. The decor is influenced by European street classic pubs,with warm and welcoming wooden accents, old world flooring, wooden groin vaults, cheerful red brick wall finishes, and plus comfortable seating that will surely get you to sink in, relax and take-in the vibe.Wooden ceiling and framed posters on the walls give it a nice look.For music lovers they have a DJ booth where you can enjoy the retro-rock music. Also they have a outer open-air seating area.To keep you busy they not only have good food but also have pool,Foosball and dartboard.

Drinks They Offer:
They have a huge variety of cocktails and mocktails. To be very honest it was really difficult to pick one and ignore other. My personal favorites are many but you should should try out the Watermelon Bomb.

Watermelon bomb

If you enjoy bubble gum then bubble gum martini is the one you should try out here.This is there signature drink which has bubblegum flavor infused in form of lollipop candy.

Vodka Bubblegum Martini

Amrood & Chaat masala mock-tail is guava based drink with a hint of tobacco, lemonade and chaat masala.

Amrood Chaat Mocktail

The sharibi naryal was indeed sharabi with vodka and coconut syrup as base and tasted just perfect.

Bar Tender Purshottam Anand Posing with Drink Sharabi Naryal

Among huge menu of wine I choose watermelon Kiwi Sangria(white whine with brandy, kiwi and watermelon) which was wonderful to taste. In Portugal and Spain Sangria is famous as a fruit based wine.

Kiwi Sangria


Amrito Martini

Green Tea Burbon

Bartender Purshottam making Vodka Berry


Wasabi Kiwi

Kesar Kaffir Lime Martini

Kesar Kaffir Lime Martini

Strawberry Sour

Adam's Apple

Blue Angle

Lemanade Jar

Coconut drink

The Main Course:
Food they offer has a lot of variety ,pick any thing like Indian,continental, Italian or Lebanese and British pub classics like jacked potatoes, fish n chips etc.

Chatterhouse Special Bacon Wrapped Mac & Cheese

Spanish Potato Croquattas & Onion Rings Served With Garlic Dip

Galouti kebab

Broccolli Cheese Medallions Served With Chilli Mayyonaise

Crumb Fried Fish N Chips

Herb Marinated Vegetarian Pizza

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Chatterhouse Special Pizzette Platter

The menu offers great variety in form of platters as well.You pick veg or non-veg all are just delicious.
Tandoori Kebab Platter

Chatterhouse Veg Platter

Chatterhouse Special Wild Mushroom Rissotto

Tenderloin Burger

Chatterhouse Non Veg Platter

The Desert

Red Velvet Cake Served With Red Wine Glazed Beet Root


Drinks: Mocktails-Amrood Chaat, Adam's Apple
Cocktails-Watermelon bomb,Aam Panna Vodka,Lemanade Jar,Vodka Berry, Wasabi Kiwi,Vodka Bubblegum Martini
Food: Chatterhouse Non Veg Platter,Spanish Potato Croquattas & Onion Rings Served With Garlic Dip,Herb Marinated Vegetarian Pizza,Crumb Fried Fish N Chips

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 3.75/5
Drinks: 4.5/5


  1. Never been there. Loved the pics. Great review dear!

  2. Sounds like a nice place, I love red velvet cake!!!

  3. Looks like a great place to visit babe....thx for sharing....:-)

  4. wow I need to visit this place soon. Lovely pics :)

    1. Sure Girl go and visit..I am sure you will enjoy!!

  5. Looks like a great place to eat Nd That Nariya Plani Drink...sounds so awesome! Loved the Review & the Clicks :)

    1. Thanks Richa....Sharabi naryal is really awesome...give try to watermelon bomb as well You will love it :)

  6. Nice! I love the interiors! That sharabi nariyal sounds cool! :)
    Nice pics!

  7. Awesomeeeeeee....loved their drinks collection :) have to visit now ;) Thanks for sharing <3