‘A Class of Life’ was an appropriate title for the cooking Workshop which was hosted by Le Cresuet, French Cookware Brand at their Saket store. Le Creuset understands the need of today’s house-makers and that’s why they have organized this Workshop with Ms. Bharati Sanghi where she demonstrated her 3 signature dishes fused with Indo-western taste. These dishes are the perfect blend of brisk cooking and fit perfectly to relish the taste buds of your young ones in a healthy way.

Food Expert, Ms. Sanghi also shared her experience that how Le Creuset’s colorful range of cookware, bakeware and kitchen tools plays an important role in her cooking experiments. She is in love with their colourful Oval French Oven and says “It’s made of Cast iron which makes it a perfect fit for stir-fry, slow-cook and even to bake a cake”. She also likes to work with their amazing Spatulas and Nonstick Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware as well.

Recipe by Ms. Bharati Sanghi



Boiled Noodles - 1 ½ Bowl

Vegetables: cabbage, carrots, beans and sprouts (opt) - 1 Bowl


Saute all these vegetables in oil if wanted you can add onions slices as well. Then add the boiled Noodles, Soya sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper and Tabasco. This is the filling. Make a maida dough and fill with the Noodles filling and seal the edges and deep fry. Serve with chilli Garlic sauce.

About Le Creuset:Le Creuset, an iconic French cookware brand, is synonymous with providing professional results
and is renowned worldwide for its high quality cookware, stoneware, kitchen textiles and wine
accessories. Stock will include iconic enameled Cast Iron, 3-ply Stainless Steel and award-
winning Toughened Non-Stick pans, stoneware cooking and baking pieces, kitchen textiles,
silicone tools, and wine accessories. The perfect partner for everyday cooks as well as for the
true gourmet!

Official Website: http://www.lecreuset.com/

More recipes to come soon straight from kitchen of Ms. Bharti Sanghi.