Fragrance with Vir Sanghvi

"Fragrance" When I say Fragrance…what comes in your mind??  Something floral?  Or something fresh and energising??  Something exotic or something warm and mysterious?

For me fragrance means exotic when it’s a party, floral when its office meetings and citrus when its morning. Basically it is different at different times, may be depending on the mood; I didn’t realise it till I meet Mr. Vir Sanghvi . I am sure this name doesn't need any introduction. 

Recently I attended an event under DELHI DUTY FREE banner where we had a small interactive session with Vir followed by makeover and then dinner. Today I will be sharing with you everything what Vir shared with us about fragrance and its importance in our lives.

People say they don’t wear fragrance but they are wrong when they say it. Every cosmetic starting from soap to shampoo, everything has fragrance. So you wear fragrance day in day out, then why deny it buying as a separate cosmetic.

Fragrance can heal people! Aroma therapy is good example. Even when people go for MRI scanning there is little Vanilla fragrance sprayed. This gives a little comfort feeling to patient.

Designers design Fragrance: There is a lot of effort put in for a fragrance to get launched in market. Every year 500 new fragrances are launched but only few are liked by all. There is only 8% investment in fragrance as product rest 92% is for beautiful packaging and marketing.

Women wear fragrance to look sexy, attractive and exotic not only to men but also to flaunt other women. But case is different with men, as men associate fragrance with being fresh and clean. Thing do vary a lot when we talk about European men or Asian men they like fragrance with citrus note but when we talk about American men they like the smell of detergent.

Delhi Duty free offers 350 different varieties of perfume which are designed by 8-10 companies. They have wide range of brands starting from Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Davidoff, Elizabeth Arden, Versace and many more.

 5 tips To choose Fragrance:

1. Fragrance type: choose the one which best suits your mood.
2. Keep in mind Occasion and Place
3. Do The Spray test
4. Skin type: Perfumes on oily skin stay longer than dry skin
5.Application: Apply perfume on your pulse points every 3-4 hours to last whole day.

 Few rules which people follow while wearing fragrance:

In Morning: Citrus notes
Afternoon : anything you like
Evening : classic floral
For a date or formal evening: warm and exotic(sandalwood)

Four rules you should follow while buying fragrance:

1.Never buy a fragrance in First 5 minutes of smelling it. Always buy fragrance after 30 minutes of spraying it
2.Never buy fragrance sprayed on paper, spray it on your body.
3.Never buy a fragrance because of its packaging instead buy it because of its smell. Take advice of your near and dear ones.
4. Never buy a fragrance by its name buy it if you really like it. 


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