Vanilla jam cookies: Recipe

Recipe Ingredients:

*butter -100gms
*icing sugar-50gms
*custard powder-30gms
*baking soda-1/2 small spoon
*vanilla essence
*mixed fruit jam
*butter paper
*all purpose flour(Maida)


* Add butter to pan and allow it melt. Now add icing sugar and custard powder to it and mix it well.
*Add all purpose flour and baking soda ,mix it.
*Add vanilla essence and mix it properly to make a dove.
* make small similar kind of round balls with the mixture.
*Put them in shape/mold utensils(sancha) and press them in properly.
*Put them in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 15 min.
*Vanilla cookies ready. put a small drop of jam and them.

Before baking the cookies, you can make a deep thumb impression on each cookie and put jam in that impression. Image Source:1