NIVEA fruity shine lip balm Strawberry: Review

Hello Beauties, 
One thing in winters which any girl will not dare to miss out is a lip balm. These chilling cold breeze tear your petal soft lips leaving them lifeless. Hence it becomes important  for you to take utmost care. Today I have for you review of a lip balm which I have been using since more that two years. Something which I always carry with me even when I was in my college days.

Price and Quantity:

Rs 129 for 4.5gm

My Take on NIVEA fruity shine lip balm:
Starting with the packaging of the product, it comes in cardboard packaging with all the details of the product printed on it. Lip balm comes in white color "roll me and get me" packaging with a reddish pink color cap which make it look girly. It is slim and can easily fit into pocket of your jeans.

The smell is faint strawberry which does not stay for long. The color is reddish with little of orange which makes it look lovely. As you apply it over your lips, the color translates beautifully. If you have dark lips then this might not give better color, but for the ones whose lips are naturally light in color will enjoy a lovely shade over there lips.Anyways it is not meant to give color but just to give protection.

It says for about 2-3 hours without meal. As you see the balm, it has little glitter particles but that doesn't show up on the lips, instead it looks it is clear in the lip swatch.You need to apply it over lips for better color.It moisturized lips very well. If you have extensively chapped lips then they will recover in just two-three days(on proper application), which I feel is good.

What I like about this product? :
*lovely shade, you can use it daily.
*Nice packaging.
*Fits into pocket.
*Travel friendly.

What I don't like about this product? :
*staying power could have been better.

Rating: 5/5
Final Word: 

You can try this product, as it has goodness of a lipbalm and gives a lovely sheer color to lips. 


  1. I have this and love this but somehow it melt in the tube!

  2. Me too have this and like it too.. just too much buttery and melts in summers but still great for lips.. :)

    1. hmm...yes it melts in summers but not that much....I mean it gets watery as you apply....but 5/5 for winters :)

  3. I love this.. Great review :)

  4. I love Nivea Lip balms...Lovely Review dear!

  5. Why does the cherry ones have so much of "sparkle"/shimmer in it or is it only my piece thats got a problem?!
    Chk this out-

    1. Dear girl...... I have not used the cherry one.....but I believe it may be one piece I have used the pomegranate one also and that one did not have so many shimmer.