LASplash glitter eyeliner CALIFORNIA Beach (golden) :Review

Hello Hot girls!!

"Everything more beautiful is reflected in your eyes..." then why not flaunt it!!I have come up with review of "LASPLASH glitter eyeliner CALIFORNIA (gold)". It is one the most glamorous brands in America but is now available in India as well. The glitter is so awesome that even if you are traveling you can wear it. You can wear it for disc party or on a date or at friend’s party or any other occasion where you want to bring out and flaunt those naughty eyes ;) I bought gold color because it goes with many dresses you can go for multiple other shades matching you wardrobe. LA Splash offers you 109 shades.

Price and Quantity:

Rs 795
 for 6ml

Shelf life: 
24 months(from packaging)

My Take on LASplash glitter eyeliner CALIFORNIA  Beach (golden):

Starting with the packing of the product... I Love it! It has a long cap with brush which makes it an ease to hold and apply it properly. The density of the glitter particles is quite good as if you want less of glitter or more glitter over your eyes...Darling you have full control over it!! Wear ability of this liner is decent. The glitter goes on easily with the brush and dries quickly

Promises:-Liquid and cease resistant liner promises 12 hour stay. Hmmm....well I cannot comment over it because I wore it for six hours. I did simple sweet nude makeup with this liner on over my favorite black liner to my friend’s party and yes I had my friends asking me for this brand because it stayed and the density of glitter in fluid was good.

Prep the eyes with a base shadow or a little primer (canceller or foundation) to give liner a better grip. If you want to apply a black liner (as I did) or any other color liner which goes with your dress and allow it to dry. And then you can apply a single or double stroke of the liner depending upon the glitter you want on your eyes. To get naughty and glittery eyes, you can thicken the liner or add cat flicker. You can apply it only over the upper lash line or below lash line as well :)

LA Splash is a high end brand as this liner cost me Rs 795/- which does not fit in every body’s pocket. I found the brush not very good as its hairs start getting out so if you are new to applying liquid liner then yes you need practice :) Also you need to be careful in placing the brush again in the bottle.

What I like about this product? :
*Packaging is travel friendly
*Stays for long
*glitter quantity is good.

What I don't like about this product? :

*applicator brush could have been better

Rating: 3.75/5
Final Word:

I would rate it 3.75 out of 5 for chicks who go crazy for high end brands. But for rest of girls who are reluctant in buying high end product I would say you may try it once at least.