Colorbar nail Enamel Remover: Review

Hello Beauties, 
Many of us think twice before changing nail paints because nail paint remover might harm our nails. It might makes nail dry leaving behind white traces. I love applying nail paint and doing nail art on my nails. But these nail paint remover come with acetone and many more chemicals which are hiccup to me. And finally I found Colorbar nail paint remover which is acetone free and does not dry my nails etc etc.Something which I always have in my closet.

Price and Quantity:

Rs 125 for 100 ml

My Take on Colorbar nail Enamel 
Starting with the packaging of the product it comes in white color plastic bottle with black cap. It has small opening in the bottle which is renders just sufficient quantity of the product.  The liquid is transparent water like with beautiful smell.

A small cotton ball with little remover, removes nail paint  in just one go. It is hassle free as you don't need to put in efforts to remove nail paint. It does not dry your nails or leave any white traces behind. It instead moisturizes them and  make them smooth as it contains "lanolin oil". I am using this product from past two year and I am so satisfied with this that I will never dare to choose any other.

Go ahead and try out this product as it is just 125 bucks and you are done.

What I like about this product? :
*Travel friendly.
*leaves nails Non-Sticky.
*Enriched with Vitamin B5 and protein.
*Does not leave any white traces
*Fits into pocket.
*Does not over dry nails.
*leaves a lovely fragrance behind.
*Does not contain ACETONE.
*conditions nails

What I don't like about this product? :

Rating: 4/5
Final Word: 

You can try this product, as for this price you cannot get any better. 


  1. Nice! would love to try this next! I am using lakme's remover right now :)

    1. Sure Garima....go ahead and try this out. I was initially using Lakme's but the day I have started using colorbar I dont find any other better than this.....

  2. I have used and loved this! Nice review!

  3. Great review dear ... looks like a good product
    xoxo Shreya

  4. Nicely Reviewed Dear :)
    Its a good product but use the sponge one from Coorbar as its very easy to use ;) :)

    1. Thanks Vipra!!
      I have also used the sponge one and it is great but I feel I cant use it on nail of my legs :P

  5. Lovely review dear.. I used the remover year ago.. and worked great for me too.. :)

  6. I hate those bad smelling nail paint removers which irritate the skin arnd my nails!! This one sounds great...Lovely review hun :)