Two souls but a single thought, Two Hearts that beat as one.”
And…..They lived happily ever after...

When two people marry, there love has to be strong enough to fight all the odds. Recently, I attended my closest friend’s wedding. Living in a country like India where people from varied cast stay together sounds great but at the same time it is very difficult when you break the boundations of cast and fight for your love. My dear friend who is a Punjabi married a guy who is Brahmin. As everything was planned at eleventh hour, I didn’t have time to go to the market and buy a cocktail dress and silver Carlton London shoes. I ordered them online from The wedding was on 25th December, I placed the order on 23rd December and delivered it on 24th December at 11AM.

Recently, while going for regular oral check-up to a dentist, I read a quote on the wall of dental clinic. The quote said: "Life is short, smile while you still have teeth". It not only sounds true but is also very scary. Specially before entering the clinic is even scarier. Unlike our elders we have unhealthy food habits which lead to cavities, foul smell etc. So, oral hygiene is very important. By the way, you don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep ;P.

Take 1 tablespoon tomato pulp and add half tablespoon lemon juice, pinch of turmeric and gram Flour(Besan powder) . Now mix it properly to make a paste. Apply it on your cheeks for 10 minutes and wash with normal water. This will not only make skin of your cheeks clear but also will make them glow.

"Sure, My life is not perfect. But my NAILS are, and that's all that really matters."... How many of you girls agree to it?? well I guess not only girls but many boys will agree for there Girl Friends too. I am a nail paint freak. I have five big boxes of nail paints in my wardrobe. But certainly I never thought I have two boxes of pink color nail-paint and its related shades. I  am sure you guys must have your favorite shade which you apply frequently. Did you ever think what your nail-paint color talks about your personality ? You didn't?? Read below to know what your favorite color talks about your personality:

How many girls love pink color?? I can see many raised hands. I too love pink on my nails. Today I am wearing pearly pink nail paint which is from Avon brand "Simply pretty"range. With this nail paint I felt like making it little fun. So applied a transparent nail paint coat which had colorful dots in it. Now it looks like a candy :P
I hope you like this little tweaking which makes it a decent nail art.


"As soft as rose and shine like pearl I walk towards my dreams. Its a new day filled with confidence and desire to achieve. With pure and clear inside I walk towards my dreams." This is the first thought which came to my mind when I woke up from sleep today. Somehow this thought is related to today's OOTD post. My dear friend Meenakshi wore a dress which is pearl white in color. Because she is fair in complexion, the color of the dress blends with her skin and she looks so pure and raw. I got this dress from Ridress which I have previously reviewed here. The dress is knee length wrap on dress. The cloth is soft and feels like just another skin. As fall has just arrived so before it comes up with full throttle lets do some fun with fashion and enjoy soothing breeze.

"I didn't want to go out but my hair looked too good to stay in." Every girl wants to say this; am I right or am I RIGHT!! We all girls believe that another form of happiness is a good hair day. Today I am here to talk about hair...your perfect hair. Few of my friends say they don't have pretty hair because their hair lack bounce or they are thin etc etc. They also say: this is the reason they find difficult to style there hair and stick to some traditional hairstyles. To rescue this problem I suggested them to try hair extension. To amaze me was there reaction to using hair extension. Some said "I have good density of hair they why hair extension?"; some said"I have very thin hair what I if I loose my natural hair". I am here today answer few among all those questions as I feel many of you might also have similar issues.

Hello pretty ladies!!

Today I am very happy and in a very good mood.I am happy....just like that. At this point of time everything is Topsy turvy in my life but still I am happy. I feel this is a phase and I will soon get over this phase and there will be sunshine tomorrow soon. To lift up my mood and my confidence in tough time stays a fragrance. Whenever I am sad or unhappy I prefer to have soothing fragrance around me. I am not sure how many of you do this but I love to smell good all the day. Today I will be talking about range of perfume from All good scents for women. I am loving all the fragrances but to know more about them and my personal favorite read below.

Hello Beauties!

Beauty.... What do you mean by beauty?? People say "Beauty is not only about face but its about having a pretty mind and pretty soul". In India an outfit which is associated with beauty is a saree. A Saree is 6 yards long cloth drape over the body which makes you look elegant, classy, sophisticated and yes six yards ahead of time. And if you have a Bengal tant saree then its piece of resistance.

Actress Bipasha Basu(in picture above), known as Bongoli beauty (this is the way Bengal beauty is pronounced in India :P) wrapped in 6 yards long refined elegance. Though there are many kinds of sarees available in the market but social grace which comes with traditional Bengali tant of Cotton Koleksi is unmatchable. Before we talk more on this let me brief you about Bengali sarees. There are different varieties of sarees which are blessing from Bengal. Bengali tant saree is pure cotton saree which is also the vintage saree and has been there since ages. These sarees are the most comfortable and even today one of the most worn sarees in India as they help you survive hot and humid weather conditions. Another form is cotton silk saree which is also known as semi silk saree. These sarees have a little shine in them which makes them perfect for a small occasions like kid’s birthday party or engagement etc.

I know Mondays are very hectic as you have a long week to go and in this position if you have a wedding to attend and still have not got the right dress is even more stressful. Today I am here to talk about wedding dresses for mother of the bride. The bride will be talk of the town as she will be the looking very pretty but mother of the bride should look classy and "The Diva". For the most classy mother of the bride I am here to share with you a web store which has wonderful variety of wedding dresses for mother of bride. The web-store is . Take a look at the collection below which has the most elegant and pretty dresses for mother of the bride. You may buy them from here.

Weekend without parties is not your cup of tea. We understand that you have to dress your best for every occasion. Today I will share with you a website which has amazing variety of Cocktail dresses which are available at economic prices. A dress which will not only make you look HOT but also is affordable. The website is . I have chosen a few from there collection to give an idea of the variety  of cheap cocktail dresses they have. To see more of such amazing dresses click here.

Many girls choose to be independent and they step outside, work and earn for there living. Some work for fun, some work for respect and some work for fame. With all the reasons you have to step out and work, being fashionable is still simple.

I understand you have to work in office and then come back home and work again.Who can understand better than me. So for you pretty ladies I am here with an Outfit of the day for a corporate culture. It happens sometime that you have a dinner disc party at night and you have so much work that you get late for the party and don't have time to change. So in this one ootd post we have two looks for you. One the party chick and other is corporate girl. The dress we have bought from
from website 
Take a look.

1.Feet care:

If your feet gets infected by fungus or bacteria then you should apply ointment which contains methanol. The will cure your feet quickly. You can apply the ointment twice a day. You can also take half full bucket with water and add two big spoon salt to it. You can use this water to clean you feet as this is a very good antiseptic. 

2.Shiny hairs:

Take hena and add egg to it and water with tea extracts to make a paste. Apply it on your hair and keep it for two hours. Now wash your hairs. Hena will give reddish orange color to your hairs and egg will make your hairs soft and smooth.

If you do not want change color of your hairs then you can apply egg on your scalp and keep it for 30 min. Wash your hair with cold water first else you will cook egg in your head. 

3. Get rid of stains:

If you have food stains on your favorite T-Shirt then apply glycerine on the stain and rub. When glycerine gets absorbed properly by the cloth then wash the cloth. You can also putt few drops of lemon on cloth and vinegar on the stain. food stain will go away.

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Smoothies and Ice-creams are my comfort food.Did I hear-mine too?? Yes I did! Many people will agree to my words. When I am sad or happy or mad or normal, basically in any mood I love to eat ice-cream or drink smoothie. They keep me at ease. I think your mouth is watering as mine talking about them. Some time back I was invited to review smoothie factory's new store in  Jawahar Vypar Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi

We understand you are looking for a different kind of dress for your prom night. A dress which will make you look elegant and appealing. A dress which will make you look more that beauty. Today I am here to share with you elegant prom dresses collection. We understand prom means a lot to you so take a look at amazing collection of elegant prom dresses on I have chosen a few below for your reference.The best part of this website is the dresses are available at affordable prices. You can buy these dresses here.

How are you beautiful people?? I am sure you must be enjoying good health. Today I am here with one more OOTD post. As promised that we will come up with more OOTDs in skirt and here we are. Today I am wearing a pretty sky blue long skirt. The skirt has pretty flare and looks pretty when I walk. After wearing the skirt I felt I am the princess of my own world where there is peace and harmony. Wearing a white rose tiara made me feel like a princess of the woods :P Walking in the garden and the morning due gave me the feeling of being at peace and was happy. I was walking here and there touching flowers ,running after butterflies, singing along with Koyal bird and what not. This blue skirt made me feel fresh and alive. I bought this skirt from website .

Hello girls!!

Are you ready for prom?? Not yet? Still thinking what wear? I am here today to introduce you a website which has amazing collection of prom dresses. The webstore is This website has added new designs in there wide range of prom dresses. The dresses look so chick and fashionable. Dresses are designed not only to add sparkle to your beauty but also to make you look your best. The best part of this website is the dresses are available at affordable prices. I am loving there collection. I have chosen a few from there collection to let you know what the have for you in dresses. You can check more from there collection here.

Hello pretty ladies!

Making a fashion statement is something you pretty ladies are good at. And to keep you updated with brands, fashion trends and designer Labels keeps us on our toes. Today we are here to introduce you to designer label and also to review it.

Ridhika Khanna who is a fashion designer has come up with with her Label "RIDRESS".  If you love shopping online and have been to websites like jabong, myntra, flipcart etc then you would have seen ridress apparels and might have even buy them. I have got three dresses from this apparel and today I will be talking about the brand.

I have bought: hearing this which fragrance comes to your mind?? Is it mild rose or strong sandalwood? or Amber? Today we will be talking about fragrances. All good Scents is a brand which makes fragrances for men and women both. Today I will be talking about there Eau De  Toilette for men which is there premium range.

There is so much talked about midi skirt this season. It was my time to buy one. Being a shopaholic I have a habit of buying dresses. This time I bought this black midi skirt from website . This post is for my readers who shy away from wearing this skirt. I personally feel midi skirt when styled properly, can carry it very easily and with grace. For you pretty girls we will be coming up with few more OOTDs with skirt. Tell us in comments below what you feel about the look. is one webstore we have talked about before as well. Today I am here to review there products and services. Tidebuy webstore is famous for not only its amazing variety of products but also for selling good quality at cheap price. Some time back I posted a wishlist post from I ordered there products and I got them delivered in two weeks time. Take a look below of what I bought.

Hello Pretty Ladies!

How are you?? I am sure you must be making plans for party tonight. Am I right?? Well which ever party you want to attend say a friend's birthday party or spinster party or wedding reception or just camping or barbeque, one thing you would never forget to carry with you is a bag. The bag may be a sling bag or hand bag or tote bag etc. Most amazing thing is you fall in love with a bag and you buy it and then you realize that it is the same bag which your favorite Actress carried in the latest movie. For me that is cherry on the top. Today I will be talking about a sling bag which I recently got and later found out that it is the same bag which Actress Katrina Kaif took with her for a date scene with Actor Hrithik Roshan in movie Bang Bang.

Higher education....This is one thing which is need of every person. After high school it becomes important to choose a good college for higher education. A good college not only opens many doors to great opportunity but also gives exposure to multiple possibilities.  Many parents find it hard to help there children choose the right college for them. Today I am here to share with you a Website which has list of good colleges and Universities for various courses. The website is

About Collegedunia website have been created to fulfill a vision of empowering students with knowledge so that they make a wiser decision while choosing their career and alma mater. is an extensive search engine for the students, parents, and education industry players who are seeking information on higher education sector in India and abroad. One can rely on for getting most brief and relevant data on colleges and universities. With the most interactive user interface and most validated content, we aspire to be the top education portals in coming days.

Hello Foodies!!!

How are you guys?? I am sure you must be busy enjoying good food. So to add to your list of "Dine-in" restaurants I am here with a restaurant review.  Recently I was invited to review a restaurant named Barrels. This is located in Vasant Vihar Delhi. Though I have been to many pubs and Restro bars but this place was a little different. 

Hello Beauties,

How are you girls?? I am sure very beautiful and must be busy in festive preparations. I too am loaded with a lot of work :P So today I am here to share with you review of three lip shade which Maybelline has launched recently. The lipstick after being economic they are thumbs up for festive season. I bought them from .To know more about them read below!

Today men and women are more open to hair color, not just to cover grey hairs but also express themselves and their personal style. Color is a bold fashion statement but concerns about hair damage  holds people back.


The name of the designer speaks a lot about the work. If I say the name is enough to blindly choose an outfit then you would not deny. Yesterday was DAY 5 of the Wills Lifestyle fashion week where it was time to wrap the FIVE day long fashion saga. Rohit grace the finale with truly regal collection titled "GULBAGH" that is inspired by resplendent glory of India heritage.

Model/Actor Arjun Rampal wore his collection and walked on the ramp for him and Shubha Mudgal's beautiful voice took us to beautiful Mughal garden "GULBAGH".

I will leave on the pictures to talk the rest about the collection. I am sure you will like it.


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