Want him?? Know him..Judge him..Get him!!!

Well... just accept it girls, there is no full-proof rule to make a guy fall for you. It is just that you need to be yourself. Either he is a Gunda(Bad Boy) or a Sharif(Good Boy)rules are different for both. However, there are guys who fall in one of the below three categories, and so they have similar kind of needs. If you full fill their needs- the guy is yours. So the first step is to identify that, in which category your guy falls. Below are the categories:

1. Gunda-Gunda :
Oh chick.... they are the baddest boys of the society. No one on this earth can be sure that they can ever fall in love with a girl or commit a girl, even they themselves can’t be sure. So Girl may lord save you and you get the best of all things. Just a single wink and you have the guy or maybe you are caught by him. You have to be very careful with these guys and getting into a relationship with them is the most risky thing. You have to be ready to bear all the consequences or side effects of being with this category of guys. You have to be strong as he might not stick to you but being with you might be dating or stalking other girls as well. The other side of coin is very adventurous. You will enjoy doing things which you would never do alone or with your "just friend" buddy. Life will be full of FUN.

2. Sharif-Gunda :
This is the favorite category of guys, girls love falling for. They are the ones who are good boys with that naughty devil in them which can turn you ON any time. Yes, this category of guys are most difficult to find not because they are scarce but because you might get confused that are they really good boy or bad boy or mixture of both. Here you have fair chances of commitment from them. Now the question which comes up is, Is there any way to make these guys fall for you? Hmm.... not really sure but you can try below steps:

1. They will never approach you. They will see you and may be if you see them at the same time they might look away. You have to smile first and may be then they come up and talk to you.

2. These boys are shy in nature; you must make them comfortable enough so that they can share anything and everything with you. The time when they start sharing the naughtiest and craziest stuff he has done, be happy because this is the time you to make your next move.

3. Ohhh...the guy is inclined to you and you know that!! Now make the best use of your eyelashes and hands and smile etc which make him think only and only of you.

3.Sharif-Sharif :
They are the safest and the most uninteresting of all guys. These guys have- "touch the sky" like fantasies but they don't have the guts to reach. If you talk about commitment, they are safest and will never ditch you. But if you are an adventure loving girl then they might not be FUN to be with. You need to work really hard on them to teach them what you expect from them, not just in words but in actions as well. You will have to invest more on them and might get fewer returns. These guys love to live simple, sweet and peaceful life; they don't like much of twist and turns. Well to get them, you have to just tell them or may be order them that they are yours.

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  1. Ur posts are quite intersting to read dear.. ;)
    di u o Phd on men.. :P

    1. Lolz... Not Yet Poo but there's a secret behind it which I will reveal after few more such interesting posts ;)

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  4. That's a superb post..I have always been attracted to the bad ones :/ They're not worth it gals :( nwy, humming "criminal" by Britney Spears ;)

  5. haha.. fun to read, nice categorization :-D

  6. Interesting post ;) My choice would also be Sharif Gunda

  7. Intersting post ;). My choice would also be Sharif Gunda :)

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