"Love" is unconditional......Really??

Love….ahhh… This word reminds me of violins and music and an irresistibly handsome boy who has crush on me. I am talking about the days when we were in our teens, there was love at first sight. A smart cool boy, following a girl to her home just to figure out where she lives and what she does and may be if he is the lucky guy he might get a chance to know her name, accidentally.    

As we grow, we become mature and love at fist site is called infatuation.I am pretty convinced with them as at this stage what matters is compatibility. I feel initially in every relationship, it is infatuation. Slowly, slowly you start knowing the person and you start liking each other’s good and bad habits and that is the point you are in love-- we say that was "love at one site".

Love at first sight happened when we were in our teens but as we grow mature, we start planning things and are left with little or may be no love. We think on every perspective how much better can a person be for us. At times, we get selfish and think how much lucrative or beneficial can be, being in a relationship with a person.  We try to balance things and check the level of compromises we can do to be in a relationship with a person.

As we grow do we tend to lose the beauty of being in a relationship and think selfishly as the other person is not the one with whom we might be spending our entire life but is a commodity which should give the best performance? What do you think? This might not be true in all cases as there are people who get true love in later stages of life and there are people who find their piece of love in there compromise.Are you one of them?

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  1. beautiful post dear.. can relate to every word here. wehn we start planning love takes a back seat but it has to be here.. otherwise there will be no life and fun!! ..
    Compromise with love/ for love is life.. :D

  2. That's how the "new-love" has become these days...One know understands that love is all about compassion, will sail thru...Lovely post hun :)